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Are you handy with your hands? Are you the one who takes care of all the repair projects around the house? Do you have a workshop full of tools? If you do, you can probably handle putting a door or some windows into your home. But, while there are certainly benefits to doing it yourself, the drawbacks may make you change your mind. Take a moment to look at this quick list of issues that can pop up after an installation.

  • If you’re thinking about doing a door or window installation yourself, there is a good chance you know how to take care of all the measuring needed to get those windows in place and make sure the door isn’t slanting. But, mistakes can still happen, and when they do, you might have to rip it all apart and do it again. When you have a professional install that door or those windows, they are going to make sure it is done right the first time. Why? Because time is money. And, at Window Nation, we make sure every team has a factory trained installer that is certified through the InstallationMasters™program.
  • Your new windows and doors are likely to have special features that make them more energy efficient, but to take advantage of those features, those windows and doors have to be installed correctly. All it takes is a tiny gap to allow cold air to escape during the summer and warm air to escape in winter. A professional will check and recheck to make sure everything is sealed properly.
  • A proper seal is also important to keep water out. When water or moisture leaks into your walls and gets into your windows, many problems can arise. A professional installation will ensure the safety of your home’s equity and the longevity of those windows and doors.
  • Not all problems are obvious. Water and moisture do more than create rot inside your walls, they can also create mold. And this is the type of issue that can lead to mysterious health problems in your home for years.
  • When you put doors or windows in, mistakes can happen. If the mistake is a dented door or a broken window, you’re going to have to absorb the cost. With a professional installation, the risk of damage is very, very low. And in the rare and unfortunate event of a damaged product, we will absorb the costs.
  • Accidents can happen. When you climb around all day on a ladder, you have a risk of hurting yourself. When you have a pro take care of the installation, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

If you’re thinking about new windows or doors for your home, let our certified installers take care of the installation for you. Not only will you not have to deal with any of the issues mentioned above, but those new windows and doors will often be installed in a single afternoon. And that might be the best reason of all.

Get fast, safe, and courteous installations, every time, with Window Nation.

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