Pros And Cons Of Triple Pane Windows

What is better than one pane of glass? Two panes. Makes sense, right? Then, what is better than two panes of glass? You guessed it. Three panes of glass. But, why is that? It all comes down to energy savings. If you want less of your hard-earned money passing through your windows by way of cold air escaping in the summer and warm air escaping in the winter, that extra pane of glass is going to help. Okay. Is there a downside? Of course. There is a downside with anything. Here are the facts you need to know about triple pane windows from your friends here at Window Nation.

Pros of Triple Pane Windows

As we already mentioned, triple panes means lower energy bills. How does this work? When you get a triple pane window from Window Nation you get three layers of Low-E coated glass that reflects the infrared (heat) light. That means heat is being reflected 3 times before it can get out of your house. Plus between each pane of glass is 98.8% Krypton gas. Why Krypton gas? Because it is better at insulating than air. The bottom line here is that we want to make sure the heat stays in your home in the winter and outside of your home in the summer. The more you control heat transfer, the less you have to use your heating and cooling systems to artificially create the temperature you want. That puts dollars back in your pocket, and who doesn’t need a little more money in their pocket? Your children’s college education isn’t going to pay for itself.

When you have Window Nation install your windows, you know you’re getting the #1 noise reduction available–even among other national brands with similar glazing. That means less of your neighbor’s lawn mower while you’re watching television or putting the baby down for a nap.

Cons of Triple Pane Windows

Triple pane windows cost a little more. But they’re worth every penny. In fact, those new windows will pay for themselves with the savings you’ll gain from your energy bills.

Those triple pane windows are heavier and require a stronger frame. But fiberglass is more than strong enough to handle the job. Plus, our windows are made with 100% polymer structural foam spacers that will stand the test of time and provide added thermal performance.

We understand that new triple pane windows aren’t for everyone. You might not have enough money in your budget to afford the windows with the absolute best performance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start getting “some” savings now. Let our expert consultants direct you to the best fit for your budget. Rather than offer a “one” size fits all, you’ll be given options of (good, better, and best) to make sure your project meets your needs, right now. Not sometime in the future. Start saving today with new ENERGY STAR® efficient windows from Window Nation.

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