R-5 Glass Quickly Rising To The Top

Have you heard about the new glass system in town? R-5 windows may become the new standard, surpassing the already highly efficient, ENERGY STAR glass. So, what’s different about this new R-5 technology? Better efficiency and more savings for you!

Nearly 30% of heating and cooling costs literally go out the window, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. That is a lot of wasted money and wasted energy, which makes energy efficient windows a must. For homes in cold environments that need to keep the heat in and also homes in hot environments that need to keep the heat out, installing energy efficient windows is the ticket to achieving a more comfortable indoor temperature.

Features of the R-5 window technology:

  • 30% reduction in heat loss

  • 25% more insulation 

  • Lowest possible U-values (insulation values)

  • Highest possible R-values (resistance to the weather)

This new window technology goes beyond the ENERGY STAR window technology which was already a major advance in efficient window designs. Though the R-5 windows cost a little more to purchase, over time you will enjoy significant savings in heating and cooling costs.

If your home has drafty windows, foggy windows, or if they create hot and cold spots throughout the home, now is the time to take advantage of a more efficient window replacement. Please contact us today at Window Nation to learn more about how R-5 windows would work in your home and our energy efficient window replacements.

At Window Nation we are window retailer serving Cleveland, Columbus, South Central Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, DC, Northern Virginia, and all of Maryland. Find a location nearest you or simply give us a call today!

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