Replace Those Drafty Old Windows This Spring

Winter is almost over and spring is just ahead. Are you ready to say goodbye to those old, drafty windows? Are you ready to enter a new season of life where you don’t have to climb a step ladder a few dozen times to staple plastic to the outside of your windows every fall? Are you ready to stop fumbling with double sided tape and unmanageable sheets of thin plastic to seal up the interior of all your windows? Whether you put plastic on the outside or the inside, we’re sure you can agree, it is a pain. It also doesn’t entirely fix the problem. That cold winter air can still get in, and all your expensive heat can still leak out. And, if you don’t do anything, you really feel it. The winter wind can blow through a leaky window like it isn’t even there, and they can have a major impact on your energy bills. Is it time for a change?

Here are some of the immediate benefits you get from a window replacement:

  • New technologies. Old windows are exactly that, old. Window technologies have made incredible advancements. There has never been a better time to get new windows. Your new windows will be better in every way.
  • Comfort. With new Extreme Low-E coating, your new windows will resist heat transfer. That means it will stay warmer in your home during the winter and cooler during the summer. Some of our customers have even noticed the difference before our installers have left their home. It can be an instant and amazing change to the interior comfort of living spaces.
  • Saving. Extreme Low-E coating and Double or Triple Panes of glass means lower energy bills. This is an investment that pays for itself. And, we’re sure you will agree, life is a whole lot sweeter when you’re not heating the outdoors.
  • Convenience. Some of our windows come with technologies that allow for easier cleaning, even on windows above the first floor of your home. All you have to do is swing the windows in, clean them, and swing them back out.
  • Ambience. New windows can also bring in more light and add more color. When you invest in new bays or bows, you create a more enjoyable space inside and a better view of your yard.
  • More space. Bays or bows can give you a shelf or sitting space you didn’t have before, and a garden window can give you a spot to showcase plants, herbs, and ornaments.
  • Happiness for years to come. When you get windows through Window Nation, we have some of the best warranties in the business. On windows that we manufacture and install we can even give a Lifetime Plus warranty, which means that your windows are guaranteed for the life of your home and for 15 years for the next homeowner, if you ever choose to sell.

When you are ready to take the next step, reach out and talk to one of our agents here on our website. We would love to show you how much of a difference new windows can make. Choose Window Nation, and choose the best.

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