Replace Those Old Drafty Windows

Upgrade Your Windows: Don't Let Money Hold You Back

Are you feeling it? That frustration when you have windows that are a pain to open, hard or impossible to close and latch, or need a stick to stay open? Do you have a window that you wish you could open, but it is painted shut? How about a drafty window that has been cracked for years and you just haven't been able to do any more than apply duct tape to the crack? If you've had the windows in your home since you purchased your house, there is a good chance you're dealing with window issues. You've probably heard the saying, "They don't make them like they used to." Well, when it comes to windows, that is actually a good thing. We've made incredible advances in window technology. It has never been a better time to upgrade. So, why not take that step? Here is the big reason many of us have for not getting new replacement windows, and why you might be making a mistake. "I just don't have the money to upgrade my windows."

  • For most of us, money is tight. The last thing we want to do is spend money on something practical. But buying windows isn't like installing a new furnace. This isn't an investment that is going to hide in some dark recess of your home. New windows add quality of life. They can bring more light into your house. They are easier to clean than old windows. And, they can transform a home into something exciting to come home to.
  • It is easy to think that we can't afford to get new windows, but for many homeowners, they can't afford not to. Those old windows are actually costing you money. They let heat out in the winter and cold air out in the summer. New windows have specialized coating that prevents heat transfer. Light can get in, but heat is reflected. Plus, your new windows will have double or triple panes with gas in the space between to create a barrier that heat will have a harder time passing through. When you replace windows, you stop throwing money out your windows and start putting it into your pocket. It is an investment that literally pays for itself.
  • Replacement windows are outside my budget. At Window Nation, we have an incredible selection of windows and a team that knows how to customize those options to your specific needs. We know how to give you the best bang for your buck and how to stretch value while keeping your new windows within your budget.
  • Where am I going to get the money for replacement windows? We have financing options available that will turn that window remodeling job into a low monthly payment rather than one lump sum.
There are lots of reasons to wait on getting new windows, but don't let them stop you. Take the savings from your energy bills and put it on your monthly window payment and start living with gorgeous new windows today.

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