Replace Your Windows And Save Money With Tax Credits

Now that you’ve got your taxes done for the year, you’re probably happy to not have to deal with them again until next April. But, you know those questions about energy efficient home improvement projects the IRS wants to know about on those tax forms? Now is the time to plan ahead, so that you can make energy efficient updates to your home that will qualify you for energy tax credits when filing your taxes next spring.

Besides the benefit of a tax credit, energy efficient updates to your home just make logical sense. Why keep those old and drafty windows, when you know that having energy efficient and weather-tight windows will really help you save on your energy bills? A savvy use of your tax refund dollars this year is having Window Nation install new energy efficient replacement windows in your Maryland home.

Other benefits from installing new replacement windows in your MD home include:

Eliminate hot and cold spots from your home

You shouldn’t feel especially cold or warm when standing in front of your windows- if you do, you need replacement windows! Replacement windows can keep the heat inside during the winter and keep air conditioning inside during the summer. Older windows (even just 10 years old!) will cause your home to lose heat and air conditioning energy, causing your home’s temperature to vary, when it should remain constant.

Adding value and curb appeal to your property

If you’re looking at reselling in the next few years, a great selling point is brand new windows installed by the professionals at Window Nation in Maryland! Plus, with the colors and designs we can offer, you’ll improve the curb appeal of your home, making it the envy of the neighborhood.

Save money on heating and cooling bills

Your old windows are letting money seep out the windows- stop this trend now by installing replacement windows and reap the reward all year long with lower heating/cooling bills every month!

Claiming tax credits

Now, to discuss those energy tax credits we mentioned. The extended tax credit for 2012-2013 requires that homeowners must purchase ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors or other eligible products, which and that consumers can claim a credit of 10% up to $200 of the purchase price on qualifying windows and/or 10% up to $500 of the purchase price of qualifying doors for a total of $500. This does not include installation costs that may accompany the replacement window costs. Check out our tax credit information to learn more about the requirements for qualifying for these exciting tax credits.

If you have decided that it’s now time to replace those old and drafty windows, give Window Nation in Maryland a call today! We are ready and waiting to help you choose and professionally install those new replacement windows.

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