Replacement Window Installation Process

The Importance of Natural Light and Quality Windows in Your Home

There is something about natural light that is far more valuable than simply serving as a source of light. Sunlight brings warmth to a chilly day. When outside, a moderate amount of sunlight provides your body with vitamin D; inside, sunlight creates a cheery atmosphere and improves the mood almost instantly.

Many older homes do not have adequate lighting because of poor window size and type, causing homeowners to consider replacement windows. In addition to allowing proper amounts of natural light into the home, quality windows drastically increase the efficiency of the home both in summer and winter. Proper selection of window glass controls ultra violet rays making it easier to heat the home in the winter and cool the home in the summer.

Window Nation provides the best windows available today, giving homeowners a great selection of quality products. However, no matter how good a product may be, the effectiveness and efficiency hinges on the window being properly installed. At Window Nation, much emphasis is placed on the installation process. The team leader of each group of installers is a factory trained Installation Masters Certified Installer. The goal of Window Nation is to not only to replace your windows, but to provide a totally stress-free replacement window installation experience. Your installation team leader will do a walk through with you as soon as they arrive, explaining everything that will be done during installation. The team leader will communicate with you, the homeowner, to see if there are any requirements or special needs. Much care is taken during the entire installation to ensure that your home looks as clean is it was before installation began.

In addition to your window being a top quality product, extensive research has been done for all materials used during the installation of the windows. Only the most premium grade caulk and insulation is used during the install. All material is also approved by the manufacturer of the windows. Quality installation materials reduce warranty call backs and eliminate voided warranty from inferior materials.

Upon completion of the installation of your replacement windows, the Window Nation team will do a final walk-through with you to ensure that the job is completed to your satisfaction. The final inspection will also include a double-checking of the cleanliness of the home. Each team takes great pride in their work and in the condition in which they leave the home. The last thing the installation leader will do prior to leaving is answer any questions you may have. The manner in which the windows operate will be thoroughly explained as well as how to clean the windows. For all your replacement window needs, consider contacting Window Nation today and enjoy the ease of installation.

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