Replacement Windows Just In Time For The Cold

Fall is one of the nicest seasons. The sunny, warm days and the cool nights are a gentle reminder of the weather to come. Fall is Mother Nature’s way to ease us into the cold winter weather that is coming. As you start to think about preparing for winter, don’t forget to give your old windows a consideration. If your windows are old, damaged or warped, then they are letting Old Man Winter come in to visit all winter long.

Windows can crack, warp, rust and become damaged and worn over the years. Unfortunately, if this happens, the outside air has an open door to enter your home as it pleases. This drops the interior temperature to your home significantly. The average homeowner spends about 40% of their yearly energy budget on heating and cooling. This percentage can be notably decreased by replacing old windows.

Vinyl replacement windows offer many benefits over leaky and inefficient windows. They are all but maintenance free. These windows never need to be scraped, sanded or re-painted. You can scratch that right off the home maintenance schedule!

Today’s vinyl replacement windows are manufactured to a much higher standard than the vinyl windows of yesteryear. They are precision manufactured to your specifications. Some of the other benefits of them are:

  • Double and triple pane insulated glass
  • Low –E and Extreme Low-E glass
  • All foam “Super-Spacer” between panes to totally block heat and cold transfer
  • Secure locks and locking mechanisms
  • Coastal and severe weather options for glass, and hardware
  • Sash tilting systems to make cleaning easier
  • Glass coating options for privacy and UV protection

Here at Window Nation, we know how important the performance of your windows is. Not only do our windows offer the benefits listed above, but we have many more. Our replacement windows are manufactured to your exact size needs and specifications. We have many colors to choose from. And, when you find that color that is just right for you, we offer all the vinyl exterior trim and accessories that you need to match your new, gorgeous windows.

If it’s time to talk to someone about doing something about the old, costly windows that are in your house, now is the time to act to get them in before Old Man Winter comes for his yearly visit. Contact the window replacement professionals at Window Nation, where we will handle your window replacement job from start to finish.

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