Save Energy In Your Cleveland Home This Spring

Window Nation in Ohio has a few tips for you this spring on how to keep your home energy efficient as the weather starts to warm up. Each home is different and may need to take different energy efficient measures. A few key factors when implementing energy efficient techniques are where your house is located, how much sun exposure you get, and whether or not your windows and doors are energy efficient. The amount of sun exposure alone can change the temperature in your home dramatically. Keep these basic ideas in your mind while finding solutions to saving energy through the warmer months of the year.

  • One of the first basic steps is to identify heat and electrical sources in your home. Take a look around your home. Make a note of computers, TVs, cell phone chargers, your stove, laundry machine, dish washer, microwave and any other appliances you have plugged in or that create a heat source in your home.
  • Taking simple steps like unplugging laptops and computers while not in use can save you on energy. These devices tend to use energy in your home even if they are not being used.
  • Appliances like your dishwasher and laundry machines eat up a lot of energy throughout the day. Try to use them later into the evening when you are not using a large amount of energy on other things already.
  • Try using your stove less in the hot summer months. Your air conditioning is already using a lot of energy to cool down your house. Heating up the stove will only make it work harder. If you must use your stove, try opening windows on either end of your home to create a cross breeze and keep your home cool.
  • Try to think of more natural ways to keep your house cool. Keep window shades closed on southern facing windows. To keep the heat of the sun out. Open windows if there is a breeze, especially at night.

These simple steps can really make a difference in your home energy costs this summer. If you have older windows and are worried that your cooling cost is escaping through them, upgrading your windows to a more energy efficient style is a wise choice. Energy efficient replacement windows can change the temperature control in your home dramatically. New window installation will be well worth it in the long run to help reduce heating and cooling costs throughout the year. They will keep cool air in during the summer months and heat in during the winter. You will notice the difference in your Ohio home when you experience the benefits of replacement windows.

Window Nation is here to help you make your home more energy efficient. We offer Energy Star replacement windows to make your home twice as efficient then with just regular windows. Contact us today to figure out home you can make your home more comfortable and start saving money on your energy bills.

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