Spooky Cool Windows And Home For Halloween

It is that time of year where decorating your home for the different holidays can get really fun. With Halloween just around the corner, there are lots simple ways you can dress up your home to make it screamingly festive. While window clings and pumpkins can dress things up a little, there is a lot more than can be done, without a lot more work.

A great place to start with you Halloween decorating is with the windows, and what is more creepy this time of year than crawly critters? From spiders, to bats, to mice and rats; dressing up your home and windows with some bugs is an easy way to decorate for the season. Use spider webs in the corners of your windows and put up plastic spiders on your windowsills. You can use votive candles to illuminate and make your living area appear more mysterious. You can also create a string of rats or bats from tissue paper and hang it from your windows. Not only will it dress up your windows but when the sun or moon shine through, it will make creepy shadows on the wall. You can also switch out your curtains for some spooky window treatments. Just take a white piece of cloth and cut it to fit your window (you can even make the bottom jagged), cut out a bat, rat or ghost out of black cloth, then glue it on to your white cloth.

Another way to dress up your home for Halloween is with centerpieces. Taking some plastic pumpkins of all sizes and painting or glitter spraying them can make for more elegant decor. To add a little spooky to that elegance, add a vase of white flowers with plastic spiders glued to the petals. You can also fill old glass jars with water, color with food coloring then add things such as poppy pods and coneflower heads (you can also place these in your windows, creating an even creepier decoration when the light shines through).

Use the lighting in your home to create a creepy glow. Try cutting bats out of black construction paper and sticking them inside your lamp shades. Take some candle holders and spray paint them black or gray, add candles and spider webs for a eerie ambience.

There are so many more hair-raising things you can do around your home to make it even more freaky this holiday. For even more ideas, click here. Happy Halloween and even happier decorating!

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