When thinking of replacing your home’s older windows with new energy efficient windows, the task can seem overwhelming. Which style of window, why energy efficient windows, color, price, and type of glass are all decisions that will need to be made. But with a little bit of information and help from the professionals at Window Nation you will see that the process is actually fairly simple. Choosing to replace your home’s windows with energy efficient windows is a great way to benefit you, your home, and your bank account!

There has been much advancement made in window technology and the difference in energy efficiency between windows produced only 10 years ago as compared to today is astounding! Window Nation wants you to understand why when you replace your windows that you should replace them with ENERGY STAR® rated energy windows. Listed below are just some of the many benefits to choosing energy efficient replacement windows for your home.

  • Energy efficient windows lower HVAC costs by reducing the highest levels of both heating and cooling that your system needs to maintain.
  • Energy efficient windows reduce annual heating and cooling bills.
  • They reduce the amount of UV sunlight that enters into your home that can fade items like furniture, rugs, and wall art.
  • Energy efficient windows have warmer interior glass surfaces that help to reduce frost and condensation that may form on them.
  • Glass technology in energy efficient windows is similar to that found in the glass that is used to create car windshields. Increasing the safety of the windows found in your home.
  • New windows can provide the benefit of an overall energy efficient home.

Now that you know why you should choose ENERGY STAR® replacement windows for your home, we want to answer the questions how. How energy efficient glass works to benefit you and your home so well. There are generally three main components to energy efficient glass that can help to explain how it performs so well. The three components of how energy efficient glass works include:

  • Super Spacer Systems- This system is created from 100% polymer structural foam. This foam works to efficiently block the heat escape path and provide you with superior thermal performance.
  • Laminated Glass- Laminated glass windows are constructed with three panes of glass and work to block up to 99.97% of UV rays. This protects you and your family, along with your possessions.
  • Argon Gas- Argon gas is inserted into the open spaces, located between the panes of glass. The gas works to reduce noise and helps to reduce heat loss.

For more information about the how and why of energy efficient windows or for help choosing which energy efficient window system will suit you and your home’s needs best, speak to one of our professionals today! Or, if possible, stop by and visit one of our showrooms located in Cleveland, Charlotte, Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington D.C.

2015 is coming quickly. Are you in need of new windows? Which windows will you pick? Which brand? How about which style? Are you going to install them? So many decisions to make, and who knows all about these issues? Window Nation, that’s who. There is only one choice for a smooth, professional and budget-friendly window supplier and installer, Window Nation. Why Window Nation? Here are some of the reasons why so many choose us!


Here at Window Nation, we have one of the most extensive warranties in the business. Covering products, service and installation, we leave no step out. We have replaced over 150,000 windows in the DC Metro area so we know all the facets of window installation. From our measuring, product knowledge, quote, installation and clean up, we are experts at it all. Ask one of our professionals about our extensive warranty details today!


With choices from 14 of the nation’s largest window manufacturer’s, there is a window to fit every need and budget. Our replacement vinyl windows are custom made to your specifications, ensuring a perfect fit every time! With all the colors of the rainbow and more, you can keep your color scheme or upgrade to a new one. We are an Energy Star partner, meaning we can help you to choose the most energy efficient product for your needs.

Outstanding installation and service

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in Ohio, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. We are also members of Angie’s List, NARI and Guild Quality. That said, 94% of our customers that competed our post installation survey said that they were “very satisfied”. That says it all. Our factory trained licensed professional installers guarantee perfect craftsmanship of your installation. Even with an average of 16 years of experience, our crew leaders are getting over 20 hours of new training per year. If your home is pre 1978 and has lead issues, we are a certified EPA lead renovator. Do not mess around with lead. It can be harmful on many levels. We have been specially trained to do this for you.

Choosing Window Nation in 2015 for your window installation is the first step to a successful home improvement project. With lots of different choices for home improvement providers, the choice can be tough. Go with the easy answer. Window Nation is the natural choice for all your window needs.

The apparent shifting of weather conditions combined with the increase of utility expenses has caused homeowners to become more conscience of energy efficiency than any other time. While there are always a few energy saving tips that can be implemented, it has been established that one of the greatest contributing factors of heat loss is in and around the windows of your home.

Many homeowners have turned to replacement windows as a means of establishing a more energy efficient home. Window Nation, leading window replacement specialists, excels in energy efficient windows with their Super Spacer energy efficient glass. There is no other window on the market today that can compete with the advantages of Super Spacer, a state of the art insulating and energy efficient glass system.

Thermoset Spacer (TSS®) technology was implemented in the constructing of Super Spacer windows. With this technology, you are ensured that the spacer will not expand or contract due to extreme weather changes. This allows the spacers to maintain their structural integrity by always returning to their original shape. With a multi-layer vapor barrier and acrylic adhesive, you will be able to enjoy comfortable humidity levels and no longer have to be concerned with mold and condensation.

How is this possible? Metal is a conductive material that allows heat to travel through and escape to the outside. There are no conductive type materials used in the construction of Super Spacers. Instead, 100% polymer structural foam is used to assure you of minimal heat loss and superior energy efficiency. There are no other window spacers available today that can boast of this advantage. These Energy Star rated windows are extremely durable and gives you the comfort of knowing your windows will remain thermally efficient and free from condensation for many years to come.

Window Nation is able to provide homeowners with this peace of mind through the rigorous testing of each Super Spacer Window. This durability test, referred to as the P-1 test, is one that most windows offered today could never survive. In this exhaustive test, Super Spacer® withstands 140°F/60°C temperatures and 95 – 100% humidity levels. The windows are also exposed to a constant UV bombardment. Most engineers label this test as the toughest accelerated aging and durability test throughout the world.

It has been estimated that one week spent in a P-1 chamber is the equivalent of one year of exposure to the elements. All Super Spacer products are tested for a minimum of 60 weeks in the P-1 chamber. Window Nation’s premium products are subjected to up to 125 weeks of testing.

As you can see, Super Spacer’s highly technological construction and durability testing means that you will enjoy thermally-efficient and condensation-free windows for many years to come.

Fall is a wonderful season. The nights are cool and the days are sunny and warm. Opening your windows and doors up during the day to let in the warm, crisp air and curling up by the fire at night is the best of both worlds. Some say it’s the most perfect time of year. The fall harvest is a time of celebration and plenty. It is also a time of preparation for the upcoming winter months. One of these preparations may be replacing those old and leaky windows. New vinyl replacement windows from Window Nation come with many benefits.

One of these major benefits is energy efficiency. The vinyl replacement windows of today are precision manufactured to keep the cold, winter wind outside and your warm air inside. The average household spends 40% of its utility expense dollars on heating and cooling their home. New, replacement vinyl windows can drop that percentage significantly.

Along with being more energy efficient, these replacement windows will be more secure. Our locks and locking mechanisms are made with your safety in mind. You can rest easy about your family’s and home’s security knowing that there is now double locks on your double hung windows or a steel locking mechanism on your casement window.

Here at Window Nation, we offer multiple windows glazings for your needs. From privacy to Ultra UV protection and everything in between. This special feature helps to control unwanted heat and cooling loss from the glass itself, as well as diminishes the fading effect that sunlight can have on the inside of your home.

If color is your thing, our windows are available in many, many MANY colors! We can match your existing outside and inside color scheme, as well as help you make a new one. If you change up your colors, we also offer all the exterior vinyl accessories that will complete the outside look of your home in style, as well as increase curb appeal.

Ease of cleaning is also a great benefit of new, vinyl replacement windows. Our window styles have you in mind. Our sashes will either tilt in or are easily removed for cleaning purposes. With vinyl, you don’t have to scrape and repaint at all; cleaning them is all the care that they really need.

New, replacement windows from Window Nation can help you save money on your heating and cooling budget, but, as you can see they can and WILL do so much more! Your windows are custom made locally to fit your specific needs. This helps to ensure a perfect and snug fit upon installation. We offer free in-home estimates and our family will work around your family’s schedule. Enjoying this comfortable fall weather is so much better with the help of new, vinyl replacement windows from Window Nation.

The care and maintenance of one’s home is extremely important and must be an ongoing activity for every homeowner. The value and marketability of the home hinges on the care and upkeep provided. Among many others, one of the more critical areas of the home involves the windows.

The basic maintenance and upkeep of windows includes keeping them painted and in smooth working order. Real Estate companies are quick to show that a well maintained home can command a much higher price than the same home that has a neglected, rundown appearance.

No one likes to feel a cold draft of air while sitting in the comfort of the home. Windows are a number one contributor to a drafty house. There are a variety of reasons why the window may be drafty. While improper installation can be a cause for drafts, the number one reason usually has to do with the age of the window. Older, outdated windows are not energy efficient and become loose in process of time. This obviously creates a financial hardship with the homeowner’s heat bill as he endeavors to compensate for the cold draft.

When examining your windows, make sure of the ease of operation. A poor performing window will cause a strain on the window casing every time it is opened or closed, creating even more gaps and drafts. Look for any condensation or fog that may occur between the glass panes. This is another sign of a leaking, ineffective window. Water stains, deterioration or chipping around the window, inside and out, will also be an indication of the need for drastic repair or replacing your windows. Often, older windows are very difficult to find parts and can be very expensive to repair. Replacement windows become the logical choice and solution to drafty windows.

Be sure to look for the Energy Star symbol when choosing replacement windows to ensure that you are being offered the most efficient product. Energy Star labeled windows will provide at least twice the efficiency in heating and cooling your home as windows manufactured just ten years ago. There are many energy efficient glass options to choose from when selecting your replacement windows. Precision engineering of windows have enabled companies to eliminate drafts and enhance the energy efficiency of your home with advancements in glass coating, spacer systems including triple pane windows and a variety of other glass options for optimal energy savings.

Have you heard of Super Spacer® energy efficient glass? At Window Nation, this is one of our more popular choices in replacement windows. Super Spacer® windows offer many benefits for your Maryland, D.C., Virginia or Ohio home and you can get them through the pros at Window Nation! Here are just a few of the many reasons to choose Super Spacer® for your next window installation:

  1. Super Spacer® is an insulating and energy efficient glass system

  2. The edge spacers of these windows are made of all-foam construction with zero metal, giving them low conductivity. No other window spacers on the market today can offer this claim!

  3. Super Spacer® is made of 100% polymer structural foam. It creates thermal efficiency through no presence of conductive materials.

  4. The no metal formula of these edge spacers block the heat escape path, providing one of the best thermal performances in the industry.

  5. Mold and condensation are a thing of the past with Super Spacer®; it provides comfortable humidity levels with a multi-layer vapor barrier and acrylic adhesive.

  6. Super Spacer® windows are made with Thermoset Spacer (TSS®) technology. This technology makes certain that the spacer will not expand or contract due to weather extremes; the spacers will maintain its structural integrity by returning to its original shape.

  7. Not only are these windows Energy Star® rated, but they are durable, which means that your windows will remain thermally-efficient and free from condensation for many years to come.

If you are looking for exceptional windows at affordable prices that are delivered and installed with service excellence, look no further than Window Nation. If you simply want to browse our countless options, you can visit one of our many showroom locations. If you would like to speak to a representative about replacement windows, vinyl siding or entry door systems, please give us a call today. The professionals at Window Nation offer a huge selection of windows and we provide service excellence so you are certain to be happy with every step of your window installation. Contact us today for more information on any of the windows or other services we offer.

When you decide to install new energy efficient windows in your home, the decisions don’t stop there! Along with making the choice to change out the old windows in your home for new Energy Star rated windows, you need to choose the style, the color, the material as well as the glass options for your new windows. All of these options are important, but we’d like to discuss the different glass options you can choose to make your new windows as energy efficient as possible. Here are just a few of the energy efficient glass options you can choose for your home from the window installers at Window Nation.

Extreme Low-E- These windows are our most popular glass option, combining value and energy efficiency with UV protection. These windows feature double pane insulated glass with 2 Low-E silver oxide coatings to increase comfort inside your home year round. These windows block 80% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Click here for more information on this energy efficient glass option. 

Ultra Triple Pane- These windows feature insulating glass with 2 Low-E silver oxide coatings on 2 panes of glass plus a third pane of Low-E glass to maximize comfort throughout the year. These windows block 90% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Click here for more information on this energy efficient glass option.

Ultimate Triple Pane- This triple pane glass system provides excellent thermal performance and holds extremely high ratings for energy efficiency in all areas of the country. It features insulating glass with 2 Low-E silver oxide coatings on 2 panes of glass plus a third pane of Low-E glass to maximize comfort year round. It blocks up to 97% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Click here for more information on this energy efficient glass option. 

As you can see, replacing windows in your home with more energy efficient window options including energy efficient glass can save you money on your heating and cooling bills and better protect your belongings from the sun’s harmful rays. Along with these glass options, we offer glass coatings to further improve the insulation and energy efficiency of our windows.

For more information on the energy efficient windows and glass options available, contact Window Nation today. One of our sales representatives will be happy to discuss your options and make your new replacement window dream a reality! Our service area includes Maryland, D.C., Northern Virginia and Ohio.