Have you considered getting a window upgrade, but you’re just not sure whether or not you’re ready? We get it. A window replacement can feel like a big step. So, we’ve written up this list of 4 great reasons you should take that leap right now and start enjoying double hung windows on your home.

  1. Grrr, old windows. Have you had it with your current windows? Are they impossible to open or impossible to keep open without jamming a stick in there? Are they so warped you can’t even get the windows to latch? There are a ton of reasons old windows can drive you crazy. But with one quick call to Window Nation, you’ll be leaving that frustration behind. From start to finish, our team will make your window replacement an easy and hassle-free experience. We’ve been doing this a long time, and our rating on Angie’s List proves the dedication we have shown to our customers through the years.

  2. You can’t afford not to. If you have old windows, you have old technology. Window manufacturing has made incredible advancements in the last decade. If you haven’t taken the leap, now is definitely the time. When you upgrade to new double hung windows, you’re getting the most advanced insulation technology available. You’ll get heavy-duty, vinyl insulated frames and two panes of thermally insulated glass with Warm Edge technology for amazing heat resistance. That means less heat going out in the winter, and less heat coming in during the summer. New windows are a home improvement that can pay for itself.

  3. Convenience. Do you find cleaning your windows to be a real pain in the neck (and back)? Or, do you just let them stay dirty because it is too much of a hassle? Double hung windows tilt in for easy cleaning. That means you can clean the entire window, even if that window is on the third or fourth floor of your home. So, if you would like to have more light coming in and a better view of your yard, you’re going to love new double hung windows.

  4. Damage to your home. Are you aware that old windows can actually damage your home? It’s true. If your windows are warping and losing their seal, they could be allowing water or moisture into your wall voids, and that can lead to mold, wood rot, and pest infestations.

When you’re ready to make the leap, Window Nation is ready to make it with you. Start the conversation with one of our service agents and ask about our Lifetime Plus Warranty for the windows we manufacture in-house and about the industry-leading selection of windows we offer from other manufacturers. You’ll quickly see why our customers love the windows we install, for years and years.

Raise your hand if you have windows in your home. Now put your hand down if any of the following applies to you: Do your windows stick, making them hard to open and close? Do your windows slide freely, making them difficult to keep open without wedging something in there? Are your windows hard to latch? Are the frames breaking apart? Are the outsides of your windows dirty because it is just too difficult to get out the 20-foot ladder to climb up to clean them? When you’re standing by one of your windows in the winter, can you actually feel the cold air, even though the window is closed? If your hand is still up, that means none of these applied to you. If that is the case, you probably don’t need replacement windows; however, if your hand went down, it may be time to consider what life might be like with new windows. We’ll give you a hint: Life is better with new windows.
When windows don’t close or latch properly, that can be a security issue for your home. But, windows that are hard to close have another, more glaring drawback: They let heat out in the winter and heat in during the summer. The chances of a burglar breaking in are probably low. The chances of losing money in lost energy every year is guaranteed. Replacement windows with new, insulated frames seal properly and resist heat transfer. That means savings for you.
New windows have another way of saving you money on energy bills. They stop heat from going through the glass. With double and triple pane glass, infrared reflecting Low-E coating, and heat resisting gas in between each pane, those new windows will hold the heat in your house–and the money in your pocket.
For many homeowners the problem isn’t so much that windows don’t seal well or let the heat out; Accessibility is the issue. If you can’t clean your windows, how can you ever fully appreciate what’s beyond the glass? Let’s face it, getting the ladder out and climbing up three stories to clean your windows isn’t practical, and reaching under to clean the outside of the glass doesn’t get the job done. But, if your new replacement windows lift out of the sash or swing in, cleaning is a breeze.
New replacement windows save you money, are easier to maintain, keep you safer, and add beauty to your home. If you’d like to see how much better life is with new windows, start your journey today by scheduling a free in-home estimate. With over 150,000 windows replaced, and a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty, Window Nation is the right choice to help you make the switch.

Many people love shopping. They don’t even care that they don’t have any money to spend, they just love to walk through the mall and look at the colorful displays with the newest wares and styles attractively shown. They enjoy seeing the hustle and bustle of all the people walking about. Some people also really enjoy the chance to meander through the downtown streets in some small town that has forgotten that time has moved beyond the ‘downtown’ era. Just being able to walk by one shop window with the latest fashion, and then turn around and see some gadgets from the 50’s in the next shop has an allure for them.

Window shopping. It really is a large part of our history here in the U.S. and in Ohio. Window shopping is only possible because of nice clean and crisp windows. Are your windows at home clean and crisp? Is there fog between the panes or glass? Do you have cracks in your glass? Does the outside weather leak inside your house? Or are they so scratched and damaged that you can’t see through them?

If you answered yes to any or worse yet, all of these questions than it’s surely time for you to go window shopping. Or, wait, should I say, it’s time for you to go shopping for windows! Shopping for new or replacement windows can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right help from the right people, your window project can go smoothly and you will have new beautiful windows in your home quicker than you ever thought possible.

Here in Ohio, there’s one place and one place only to get the most knowledgeable service and top-notch windows, Window Nation. Licensed by the State of Ohio and a member of the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List, we offer the latest designs from 15 of the nation’s name brand window manufacturers. With our many styles, sizes and colors we are sure to find a window that fits your budget and needs. We also offer a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty. Dealing with us means that you will be pairing up with professionals who are highly trained and skilled with many years of experience.

Shopping for windows can be as enjoyable as window shopping, as long as you are dealing with the competent professionals here at Window Nation. Contact us today to get started on your next window project!

As much as we would like for it to be, it’s not always a clear-cut answer as to when is the best time to replace your windows. There are some general questions that you can ask to assess your existing windows and their current performance.

Are my windows energy efficient?

Many homes have older windows with single pane glass and while these windows have a traditional look and feel, they are not energy efficient. Window energy efficiency is measured with U-value and R-Value. R-Value is a measure of the resistance to heat flow through a certain material. This is only a measure of conduction, not air leakage or radiation heat transfer, which is really what we are concerned about with windows. U-Value is a better gauge to compare windows. U-value is a measure of heat transfer through a material. The lower the number indicates the less heat transferred through that material. For example a typical double pane window has a U value of 0.5. Per combustionresearch.com, single pane glass has a U factor of 1.22 while double pane’s U-factor is .70. Considering glass makes up about 90% of your windows, glass really does matter.

Is the structural integrity of my windows failing?

Is the outside weather coming inside due to issues with your windows? Snow and rain should stay outside. This is one of the major jobs of your windows. Windows can be made up of wood, fiberglass or vinyl and if their ability to stand against outside weather has been compromised due to aging or damaged wood, metal, vinyl or fiberglass then they are in need of attention. Some issues can be repaired with caulking or wood filler, while some can’t.

Are my windows easy to use and secure?

Properly functioning window hardware is crucial to the safety and ease of use in windows. Windows that do not move freely are not easy to use. They could be warped within the frame or the frame itself could have also moved within the wall. Either way, the window is not operating correctly and is not offering all that it should be to you for its ventilation purposes.

Secure windows locks are extremely important. Not just to keep unwanted visitors out, but to maintain a safe environment for people within your home. As a homeowner you have enough to worry about without having to be concerned whether a person or child is going to find themselves in danger because of your faulty windows.

Are your windows difficult to clean?

For windows to be truly performing they must be clear and clean to look through. A huge part of having windows is the benefit of their beauty. Dirty windows make the windows themselves the focus, not the landscape that is beyond them. Today’s windows are standardly offered with easy to clean tilting features to help keep you focused on the view beyond the glass.

Knowing when you need to replace your windows is really a matter of answering these questions honestly, and having some input from an informed source in the window industry like the professionals here at Window Nation. For years we have providing the people of Ohio with expert advice on replacement windows, doors and vinyl siding. There is nothing about windows and window replacement that we can’t help you with. We look forward to hearing from you about your windows. Contact us today for your free estimate!

Everyone is opening up their houses! Yay it’s finally spring! Opening up the curtains and windows to let the light and fresh air in is a spring time must. Blow the winter out and let the spring air and warmth in. Time to brighten up your house with the sun, that warm celestial slice of joy that has been missing all these cold winter months. Are you not willing to open up your curtains because your windows are old and unsightly? Or, are they cracked or have moisture between the panes? These may be good indications that it’s time to replace them.

Window glass should be something that you don’t see. You should see the outside world and not the glass. Unfortunately window glass can become damaged and dirty as time goes on. If you have moisture stains and actual condensation between your glass panes than you windows are failing. Somewhere water and outside air are entering into the space between your window panes. These leaks in your window seals compromise the windows ability to be a good, insulated barrier between your house and the outside. This will certainly cause an increase in the dollars that you spend to keep you house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Not to mention it’s not attractive and it inhibits your view of the outside. If your glass is just dirty, then by all means it’s time to clean them! If cleaning doesn’t clear up the glass, and they still appear cloudy and chipped, then it’s time for a replacement.

When you pull back your curtains you should clearly see the outside and its glory. If you can’t see because of failing, or cloudy glass than your windows are not serving their purpose. If you don’t want to open up your curtains because of unsightly window frames and worn out hardware than it’s time to consider replacements. Windows are an intricate part of your home and home experience. Don’t let your home life be hindered by old and failing windows. Replace them with new windows from Window Nation. We are Ohio’s leading window replacement provider. With countless styles, colors and sizes we are sure to have one that will fit you budget and style!

If you have recently been wondering about the old windows in your home and tossing around the idea of replacing them, you're not alone. As homeowners learn more about improving their home's energy efficiency and start looking for ways to cut down on their heating and cooling costs, they learn that replacing windows is a huge part of the puzzle.  How can you tell if your home needs replacement windows? If you have no idea how old your windows are or even what they are made of, you may not know exactly when the right time is to have them replaced. To help you decide, the window replacement pros at Window Nation would like to let you know about a few signs that become obvious when it's time to replace your old windows.

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  1. Your windows get condensation or you notice frost build up.
  2. When you touch the window glass during the summer it is hot to the touch.
  3. When you touch the window glass during the winter it is freezing cold to the touch.
  4. Sitting next to your window during the winter feels much cooler than the rest of the house.
  5. The window frame is cracking or rotting.
  6. There are cracks in the window pane.
  7. You are generally unhappy with the way that your windows and window frames look.

These are all signs that your windows need to be replaced. image of deteriorating windowIf you are experiencing one or more of these issues then it is time to consider what replacement windows could do for you. Many people are finding huge savings in their heating and cooling bills with newly installed windows that are energy efficient and hold the heat in during the winter months and keep the cool air in during the summer.

If you are looking for replacements for your old and drafty windows, look no further than Window Nation.   We offer many different types of replacement windows for your home or business to help you improve your structure's energy efficiency and comfort. Contact us today to learn more about our windows and services and to speak to a window replacement professional.