The Benefits Of Professional Window Installation

Let's be honest. You're pretty smart. You can probably handle the task of putting a new window into your home. After all--it isn't rocket science. But there are some benefits to having replacement windows installed by a professional. Before you get Youtube fired up and pull out those tools that have a six-year layer of dust on them, take a peek at these few reasons you might want to get a pro to do that window installation for you.

Reduced Risks

The most obvious reason to have a professional take care of your window installation is they take all the risks. If the installer is unloading your new windows and turns wrong-- that crashing sound sends a chill down their spine, not yours. You would be surprised how much can go wrong when you're trying to put a window in. All it takes is one misstep and you have a broken window pane or a scratched frame.

Precision and Expertise

If you have carpentry skills, putting in a window or two on the first floor is probably not going to be too hard. But for most, it is the details that come back to bite you. If you don't know what the word plumb is, you may be in trouble. If you've cut out a hole that is exactly the size of the window you're putting in, you may have some problems getting it in there. What's worse, you could make the hole too big or uneven. Things that seem easy to a seasoned carpenter can turn into a nightmare for the average do-it-yourselfer.

Energy Efficiency

Windows that aren't installed right will underperform when it comes to energy savings. You might get that window in there, and make it look all pretty, only to have all your hot--or cold--air go right out. That's no fun. It is estimated that up to 20% of heat exits through windows. Properly installed windows recaptures that lost money.

Protection Against Damage and Pests

An improperly installed window can lead to cracked joints, exposure to the elements and exposure to pests. Water can do serious damage to a home and make it more attractive to wood-eating pests. When carpenter ants come to chew, they make weak spots into tiny entry points. When rodents explore your walls looking to get in, they may make those tiny entry points into superhighways.

Peace of Mind

When you get a professional, you don't have to worry about falling off ladders, pounding your thumb, breaking your windows, missing one tiny step that will come back to haunt you, or losing out on all the energy savings new windows can bring. Give us a call at Window Nation in Philadelphia. Our professional installers take all the worry out of getting new windows.

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