The Super Spacer® Advantage

The American Dream of being a homeowner brings a particular pride and joy that is incomparable to any other feeling. However, that feeling of satisfaction can sometimes be short lived and interrupted with excessive upkeep expenses and utility bills. In today’s economy, the continual rise in the cost of heating oil, natural gas, propane and electricity has caused homeowners to become very conscience and aware of the need for heating and cooling efficiency. No matter how many energy saving ideas one may initiate, the greatest culprit of heat loss is in and around the windows and doors of your home.

Replacement windows have become a popular choice among homeowners for achieving greater energy efficiency in the home. However, not all replacement windows will accomplish all that you desire or expect. Window Nation understands this and has devoted much research and development in constructing a window that meets your needs. This cutting-edge development resulted in a product called Super Spacer Windows.

What is a Super Spacer?

The Super Spacer is a highly sophisticated insulating and energy efficient glass system. The spacers are made of 100% polymer structural foam. The NO-metal formula blocks or eliminates the heat escape path. Thermoset Spacer technology was used in the design of Super Spacer and does not allow the spacer to expand or contract during extreme weather conditions thus providing one of the best thermal performances available in today’s market. There is not another window available today that can boast of this or compete with the advantages of Super Spacer.

What are the Benefits of Super Spacer Windows?

This state of the art technology will allow the spacers to maintain their structural integrity and keep their original shape. The multi-layer vapor barrier and acrylic adhesive will enable you to maintain proper humidity levels and no longer be concerned with condensation or mold problems.

This is all made possible with the absence of conductive type materials in the construction of the Super Spacers. Metal is a conductive material that permits heat to escape. The spacers are made of 100% polymer structural foam, ensuring you of superior energy efficiency with minimal heat loss. These Energy Star windows will give you total satisfaction in knowing you will enjoy thermally efficient windows that are free from condensation problems for many years.

Quality-Tested, Satisfaction Guaranteed

Window Nation is able to guarantee your satisfaction with Super Spacer Windows due to their endurance of a very intense durability test. This test, labeled the P-1, puts the windows through up to 140* temperatures, 95-100% humidity and a constant UV bombardment. One week in this durability testing chamber is equivalent to a year of exposure in the field. Window Nation places their Super Spacer Windows through the chamber for at least 60 weeks to ensure complete satisfaction. This rigorous testing allows you the peace of mind in knowing you will be able to enjoy the efficiency and durability of your windows for many years.

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