Warning Signs of Bad Window Installation

Warning Signs of Bad Window Installation

If you are getting windows installed in Columbus, OH you should know that your new windows are only as good as that manufacturer’s warranty and the warranty is only as good as the window installation. Most manufacturers will not honor a warranty for a window that was improperly installed by a window replacement company — which means you foot the bill for a new window after already paying for replacement windows. Learn to spot the warning signs of a bad window installation so you can make a bad contractor fix improperly installed windows before you present the final check.

If your windows were installed correctly, they will operate easily, perform as intended, and look great from inside and out. If you see any of the following warning signs, either your windows are failing or you had a bad window fitting or installation:

Signs of Bad Window Installation:


Gaps Between the Sill and Frame

When a window is properly measured, it fits in the window opening. If you see gaps between the sill and frame, the window was not measured properly. Check with the window manufacturer regarding their policies on product returns due to contractor error.

Drafts or Water Damage

Air and water should not pass through your windows. If you feel a draft when you walk by the windows, something went wrong. Drafts suggest a lack of insulation, which may mean higher energy bills. Signs of water damage include pooling water, bubbling paint or wallpaper, visible mold, and bad smells. It’s important that you take action right away, as water damage causes mold and rot, deteriorates property, and may be harmful to your health.

Windows That Don’t Open to Close Properly

When a window is properly installed, it readily opens and closes. If the window was not measured or installed correctly, then it won’t open or close easily. If you are having a lot of trouble with it right after installation, things will only get worse years down the road. This is not something to ignore, so contact the manufacturer while the windows are under warranty.

Messy, Uneven Caulking

Caulking around the exterior of the window weather-proofs and seals the window. While the bottom edge should not be caulked so water can leak out, the sides and top should have a visible, even layer of caulk. If caulk is messy, uneven, or patchy, it’s a red flag. If you can spot this issue, what other corners may have been cut in the installation process?

Fog Between Window Panes

When condensation appears between window panes, either the seal has failed or the window was not properly installed. If your window was recently installed and condensation cannot be removed by cleaning the window exterior, odds are high that the window seal was broken during installation.

If you spot these warning signs, you can reach out to the original contractor to see if they’re willing to fix their work or contact a licensed window installer who can remove the windows and reinstall them per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Looking for Proper Window Installation?

The best way to avoid seeing the signs of bad window installation is to hire a reputable window installer. Look to Window Nation in Columbus, OH for high-quality replacement windows and reliable installation every time. Visit our Columbus showroom to see replacement windows or reach out today for a quote.

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