What Makes Quality Installation Materials So Important

So you finally did it. You made the decision that it is high time for new windows in your house. Great! Wonderful! That first, most important step is complete. Phew! The decision to replace your old, leaky windows is done. Now comes lots of questions that you need to answer. Like who, what, where and when?

Well, no matter how you answer those four ‘W’ questions, you need to understand a very important aspect of replacing your windows, quality installation materials. You could buy the most expensive and energy efficient windows available, but if they are poorly installed with low-grade installation materials then you may as well have just let your old, leaky windows stay put. You see, shoddy installation with insufficient installation materials will make your new windows perform below their level.

Quality Materials Matter When Installing Windows

When your windows are being installed, there will be small spaces between your window frame and the framing in your window opening. This is normal and expected. These spaces need to be filled with something that will mold to the shape and size of these openings and will provide a sturdy barrier for years to come.

Here at Window Nation, we utilize the WINTeQ windows installation ‘system’. This system is designed to work together to increase the performance of your new replacement windows. It includes the caulking, sealants, insulation and the windows themselves. The use of quality ‘ingredients’ will make a successful installation that will keep your home energy efficient for a long, long time.

Benefits of Quality Sealant and Caulking

The caulking that is used on the outside of your windows is the first line of defense between your home and the outside elements. For this reason we use OSI® QUAD® Window, Door & Siding Sealant. This is a top of the line unique multi-polymer sealant that goes above and beyond the call of duty of a caulking. Some of its unique benefits are:

  • Stays flexible in cold and hot temperatures
  • Excellent adhesion qualities
  • Permanently flexible (will NOT crack or split in temperature changes)
  • Weather resistant (can even be applied in wet weather)
  • Resists dirt and dust collection
  • Paintable with both oil and latex paints
  • Will not crack or yellow from UV exposure

For these and many other reasons we choose OSI® QUAD® Window, Door & Siding Sealant for all our window installations.

Window Nation’s Commitment to Quality

Just making the decision to replace your leaking windows is the first step in an important process. There will be many more decisions following that one. Let the experts at Window Nation assist you with answer the ‘Who’ question and you will easily be able to answer the rest of the ‘W’ questions:

  • What- Quality windows from Window Nation
  • Where- Window Nation, OF COURSE!
  • When- NOW is the best time

Another question that will answer it all is, why Window Nation. That’s easy. It’s because Window Nation has top-of-the-line everything; professional installers, windows and installation products, as well as one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business. If it’s quality that you require, then call the experts at Window Nation.

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