Go Green with Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Did you know that your family’s carbon footprint can be related to your windows and how energy efficient your home is? That’s right! Older windows that are drafty and are not properly sealed or installed can greatly increase the amount of natural resources that you need to make your home comfortable for you and your family to live in.

What Is A Carbon Footprint?

According to Wikipedia, a carbon footprint is defined as "the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person." So, for a homeowner, this basically relates to the volume of emissions that you produce as you run and maintain your home. In order to make your carbon footprint as small as possible, you should try to make your home as energy efficient as possible; and your windows are a great place to start!

How Much Do Energy Efficient Windows Save?

Older windows can be responsible for a lot of energy loss in your home. Drafty windows allow either the cold air or warm air that you are trying to keep inside your home to escape. This means you will need to use more resources to try and maintain your home’s temperature, therefore, unintentionally, increasing your carbon footprint. The best way to solve this problem is by installing new ENERGY STAR replacement windows into your home which will result in less energy and resources being wasted, and your carbon footprint being reduced.

Other benefits to installing new, energy-efficient windows in your home include:

  • New energy efficient windows will protect your belongings, like flooring, window treatments, and furniture from damaging ultraviolet rays, allowing them to last longer within your home.
  • New windows that work properly can be opened easily in order to cool your home, instead of automatically turning on your AC on a warm day.
  • They can also shut tightly, allowing the sun to shine through in order help warm up your home which means you can keep your thermostat at a lower temperature during the colder months.
  • Energy efficient replacement windows, along with other small changes like switching over to ENERGY STAR rated appliances, all will help to lower your monthly energy bills, saving you money.

Replacement Windows From Window Nation

For help deciding which type of replacement windows will work best with your family’s needs and the style of your home, contact the experts at Window Nation today. Our professionals will sit down and work together with you to make your home stylish, energy efficient all while lowering your carbon footprint through the installation of new ENERGY STAR rated replacement windows!

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