Why An Energy Efficient Home Is So Important

Energy. We hear about energy in so many areas of our lives. Personal energy level, physics, The Department of Energy, energy fuel sources, etc. Energy is all around us in different forms. Having an energy efficient home is a goal of all homeowners. Ever wonder how you can get one and why you should? Here are some facts about these very questions!

What makes an energy efficient home?

One would assume that an energy efficient home would be one that used minimal energy to maintain itself. From heating and cooling to its carbon footprint, energy is there. All these have an effect on a home’s energy efficiency level. Energy efficiency has been defined as “using less energy to provide the same service".

Does an energy efficient home save money?

Absolutely! If you make changes in your home that are Energy Star Certified you will reap benefits that cost you less money. There are even some tax breaks for certain home remodeling projects. Major appliances that are Energy Star Certified are now stickered with an Energy Guide label. These labels list the approximate amount of energy used by it and will show a comparison to other leading brands of that appliance.

What are some tips on how to make your home more energy efficient?

There are many ways to make your home more energy efficient. Here are a few of the more common ways:

  • Insulate- Having adequate insulation in your attic and exterior walls is crucial to holding heat inside your home.

  • Use new LED light bulbs- These light bulbs use a lot less energy than traditional light bulbs, and they last for many, many years.

  • Replace your inefficient entrance doors- Replacing entrance doors with new insulated fiberglass or steel doors will secure your home against unwanted air exchange at your door ways.

  • Replace your windows with new energy efficient windows. Windows can be a major culprit for energy loss in homes. Replace them with new, energy efficient windows.

Energy use is on everyone’s mind. Whether it’s because of your energy budget or the earth’s greenhouse gasses, having an energy efficient home is a great way to help both of these to be less.

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