Window Nation Offers Window Safety Tips

Making Window Safety a Priority

Each year, the first week in April is designated as “Window Safety Week”. This excites the professionals at Window Nation in Maryland because it is another opportunity for us to emphasize the importance of window safety! We understand that quality windows and awareness of window safety goes a long way in deterring intruders, preventing injuries from unintentional falls as well as providing a means for escape during a fire. When preparing for a window installation and deciding on what windows to make a part of your home you probably don’t dwell too much on the safety aspect of a window. Generally, when shopping around for a window, most of us are thinking about beauty, light, ventilation and the value such an upgrade will add to our homes.

8 Window Safety Tips

It is common practice to stay up to date on smoke detectors, fire alarms, and burglar alarms. But, did you know that practicing regular window safety should be a part of your regular safety drills? Yes, it’s true! Knowing the risks associated with windows, and practicing good window safety precautions is very important. Here at Window Nation, our first priority is your family’s safety. Our family owned, licensed and insured company has been installing premium windows, siding and doors for over 35 years. From our family to yours, we would like to share with you some helpful tips we found offered by the National Security Council that include the following:

  • Have an emergency escape plan and be sure it includes windows. Go over this plan with all members of your home and regularly practice these plans.
  • Never paint a window shut! By painting a window shut this removes all of it’s capabilities to be used for emergency exit purposes and for venting.
  • Keep air conditioning units out of windows that could be used as an emergency exit.
  • Insect screens are designed to keep insects out, not people in. Do NOT depend on them to be a barrier to keep people, kids, pets or objects inside.
  • Create and enforce a safe zone around your windows that has no furniture to climb on and is not a safe place to play. Falling off from furniture into a window, or falling into a widow while rough-housing is very dangerous.
  • Be sure that everyone in your home knows how to open windows in case of an emergency.
  • Properly installed window locks can help keep windows from being opened larger than needed for ventilation. But be sure that everyone knows how to quickly remove them for an emergency exit.
  • Properly installed windows operate more efficiently, safely and consistently.

We know that windows are a lot more than holes in your wall. Make sure you’re getting the most of your windows by practicing window safety. Remember, a safe home, is a happy home!

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