Winter Window Boxes For Your Ohio Home

Window boxes are a gorgeous addition to the outside of your home. Did you know that they are not just for warm weather? You can either plant small evergreens in them to grow through the winter, or you can fill them with berries and bows. Not sure how to do either of these options? Well, here are the easy directions to making your window boxes a showcase this winter.

Planting small evergreens in your window box is easy and will give your some strong evergreens to add to your landscaping in the spring when you remove them from your window box and plant them in your yard.

How to Make a Window Box Planter

  • First, empty and clean your window box. This may require you to remove it from the wall and then reattach it. Reattach it before you start refilling it.
  • Add a few inches of small rocks in the bottom of the window box. Plant pots, including window boxes need drainage. You can use rocks, but a window box with a few inches of rocks in the bottom is quite heavy. Lava rocks make a great light weight substitute.
  • Fill with soil. You can use your favorite mixture of soil, potting soil, top soil, mulch and vermiculite. Pat down the soil mixture but not so tight that the trees and plants can’t easily root in it. Do not fill all the way to the top of the window box, stop at about 1” to 3” from the top.
  • Add your evergreens to the soil. Follow the recommended potting directions for your trees.
  • Place a layer of moss on top of the soil to help hold the moisture in for your trees.
  • Decorate these as you please; with lights, bows, ornaments and more.
  • ENJOY your bit of green the whole winter through!

DIY Window Box Decoration

If planting evergreens in your window box is not for you, then you can still use them as winter decoration. Here are the simple steps to get you started:

  • First, empty and clean your window box. If you detach it from your home, reattach it when before refilling it.
  • Add evergreen boughs, such as juniper, cedar and Norway to the box. Place a poinsettia or two in and add some more boughs around them. Add some simple decorations like holly, burlap or lights.
  • ENJOY your festive winter window boxes!

Replacement Windows for a Beautiful Winter Home

Window boxes can be used year round to decorate your home, but if your windows are old or unattractive maybe, it’s time you considered replacing them with new vinyl replacement windows. Not only will a vinyl replacement window look amazing behind a beautifully decorated window box this winter, it will also save you money on your heating bills. Replacing your windows is as simple as calling the professionals at Window Nation. Beautiful, new, energy efficient vinyl replacement windows with gorgeous, festive window boxes is a great way to kick off your decorating this holiday season!

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