7 Reasons Why Winter Is the Best Time To Buy Replacement Windows

written by Christian L.

For most of the United States, winter means cold weather, along with a good dose of cold, driving rain, ice storms, and snow that’s lovely to look at, but a chore to deal with.   

A woman in a cozy sweater stands at the picture window with a cup of drink in her handsYou’re already likely thinking, “Who in their right mind would replace their windows in the middle of winter?” After all, when it comes to home improvements, there are good times of the year for home improvements like install a new roof, build a deck or do landscaping projects.  

However, you’ve probably been thinking about replacement windows for a while and, now that It’s cold and wintry, you may be thinking about pushing off their replacement until warmer months. There are all the holidays, the unpredictable weather and, well, staying cozy and warm in the house seems like a much better idea than exposing the inside of your home to the weather.  

But can replacement windows be installed in the winter? The fact is, you shouldn’t have to put off replacing your windows until the warmer months. At Window Nation, we’ve been helping people like you with their replacement window projects for years – many of them during the winter months.  

Here are seven reasons why winter is actually the best time to buy replacement windows. 


1. Stop the cold drafts 

Wait for a breezy day, then go feel around your windows. You might feel a small, cool draft here and there around the glass, especially if you have older windows. Now feel around the outside of your window, along the casing where the trim meets your interior wall.  

Feel that draft now? That is from improper installation and, more likely, improper fitment.  

When your house was built, holes were left in the walls to have windows installed. Due to manufacturing tolerances, those openings are much larger than the windows that went into them. The result is the one-size-fits-all windows were placed in there, secured in place with large gaps around them, and the gaps were simply covered by wooden trim. If you’re lucky, there might be a few strands of insulation in there as well. Not only that, but your windows could be letting in moisture and causing unseen damage. 

Manufacturing has come a long way in recent years, and the availability of window styles has grown with it. When you buy replacement windows, you can get windows that will more properly fit that space. Our installation teams use precision tools to measure your openings. Our windows will actually fit with a tolerance of 3mm, and we fill that space with advanced foam insulation.  That means you’ll have less of that gap you have now – which also means that those annoying, cold drafts go away.  


2. Save on winter heating bills 

Once those gaps are filled, you’ll notice your heat won’t turn on as much as it used to. One of the biggest reasons you may be paying more than you have to for heat is because of poor roof quality, as well as improper attic and crawl space insulation. However, old leaky windows play a big part of it, too.  

Run your hands along the edges of the window frames. If you feel cold air near the corners, or if your windows rattle when you open and close them (especially if you have wooden frames), then you have heat loss.  

Most windows have some sort of weather seal on them to help fight this but, over time, that can break down and become less and less effective. When you buy energy-efficient windows, they will almost always have this weatherstripping, but not all replacement windows are created equal. For example, Window Nation windows use window-specific sealant to seal the windows when they’re closed so you get windows that will seal tight for years to come.  

When your windows seal tight, less heat escapes in the colder months of winter, and you spend less to heat the inside of your home – not the outside.  


3. Keep out moisture from winter weather 

No matter what time of year, rain is always a concern. Some regions get ice and snow, too. Others see high humidity. All of which can find its way into your home if your windows don’t work properly.  

The place where this frequently shows up is in the window frame. If your old windows don’t have a proper seal or drainage, rain can seep into the tiny cracks around the window – causing big problems. What kind of problems? Water damage to your walls and potentially hidden toxic conditions. Sometimes, it can even be caused by ice dripping from your roof 

Remember the importance of a tight fit and proper installation? Having trusted professionals do this is an integral part of keeping your home and your family safe. Combine that with commercial-grade silicone sealant, and no matter what wintry weather comes your way, you can rest assured it’ll stay outside where it belongs.  


4. Make your house look pretty for the holidays 

Whether it’s to show off for your neighbors – or your visiting family – improving the aesthetics of your home is a great reason to upgrade your windows.  

With a wide variety of styles, options and colors to choose (not just white!), you could upgrade your home to a new, modern look or embrace the classic styles. It’s also a great time to consider installing the bay window or garden window you’ve always wanted. Within an afternoon, you could transform your home into the showstopper that it is. Plus, who doesn’t love enjoying decorative lights or electric candles in the windows during the holidays?  


5. Safety concerns this season 

Everyone knows that windows help keep out the weather – and typically those who would do harm to you and your family. But have you ever considered what your old, broken windows could be keeping in?  

According to the National Fire Protection Association, approximately 780 house fires are reported on average nationwide during the holidays. If your home were to catch fire, would your loved ones be able to get out of every room in the house? Consider how many of your windows are hard to open, or won’t stay open. Do you have any that won’t open at all? If so, you could be potentially cutting out an exit in case of emergency.  


6. The winter timing is perfect 

Ready for an insider secret? During the winter, most home improvement contractors see their slowest work schedule. That means that if you’re looking to make home upgrades (like new windows), not only will the process be a bit less, but you’ll likely have to wait a much shorter time for the installation, too.  

So while you may be trying your best to winterize your home yourself, if you need to call in the experts, winter is the time to do it.  


7. Great sales from manufacturers 

If you think that windows are beyond your reach financially, consider shopping the end-of-year sales in December. At Window Nation, we typically offer our best deals of the year including 0% financing for 60 months, and even 50% off of all windows we sell. If you can, it really pays to schedule a consultation before New Year’s.  


Can you replace windows in the winter? 

Absolutely! Between winterizing your home to stop cold drafts and heat loss, as well as beautifying your home – and having your choice of great, affordable options – winter is the best time to replace windows in your home. As a bonus, installation is fast and professional, so your home’s transformation can happen in no time.  

Got questions, or want to talk to a consultant? Click here and fill out the form to get started.   


Frequently asked questions 

Can you replace windows in winter?
Yes – and It’s actually the best time of year to replace them. Not only do new windows stop cold drafts and keep your heat in, but they help stop moisture from snow, ice and rain from causing damage to your home.  

Will new windows stop cold drafts in winter?
Yes – especially if you have older windows or your home was built with inexpensive windows, replacing with high-quality, precision fit windows will go a long way toward keeping out those cold drafts in the winter. 

Do new windows help save money on heat?
Typically yes. Modern energy-efficient windows are designed with multiple panes of glass and window-specific sealant and, when installed properly, will help keep your heat from escaping through gaps around the windows. 

How long does it take to replace windows?
Usually one day or less, depending on the size of the house. In colder weather, windows can be replaced one room at a time to minimize heat loss and limit exposure to the outside conditions. 

How affordable are replacement windows in winter?
Winter is typically the best time to buy replacement windows. Quality manufacturers like Window Nation typically offer some of their best sales and financing options starting in December through February or March.  

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