CDC Recommendation: Open Your Windows

These are challenging and unprecedented times, and we understand you may be feeling anxious about letting people into your most precious asset – your home. It’s more important now than ever to follow CDC guidelines by cleaning and sanitizing your home to prevent the spread of illness. Homeowners are encouraged to wash their hands regularly and avoid touching their faces, taking extra precautions if someone with an increased risk of contracting the virus also lives in the home. Opening windows for added ventilation is also recommended – but how does this help?

Limit the Spread of Airborne Illness by Opening a Window

Opening your windows will allow fresh air in while letting air that’s been circulating throughout your home for days or even weeks out. As we spend more time in our homes, the air inside is becoming stale quicker than usual. No matter how strictly you practice social distancing, airborne germs could still spread throughout your home if nothing is being done to air your home out. This is particularly problematic with COVID-19 because the illness is spread through particles in the air.

Simply opening your windows for a few minutes each day will limit the spread of germs, and potentially COVID-19, within your home.

Hard-to-open or Can’t Open Your Windows? Time to Replace

If your windows are old or difficult to open, it may be time to replace them. However, we understand you may not feel comfortable having guests in your home at this time.

At Window Nation, we’re taking steps to ensure you can still begin your window replacement project while also being mindful of current events. Our team is committed to following guidelines set by the CDC, government agencies, and local health departments. As a result, we have enacted the following procedures:

  • Instituting additional cleaning protocols for all common areas in the workplace, tools, vehicles and equipment
  • Implementing COVID – 19 specific training and communication protocols at each of our locations to keep every employee briefed and up to date on the latest in recommendations and guidance to ensure our teams are doing everything possible to help mitigate the spread of the virus
  • Avoiding any and all direct contact with customers
  • Limiting all unnecessary travel

Additionally, we are offering virtual appointments in place of an in-home estimate for customers looking to take extra precautions against the spread of illness. Our team will meet with you over a videoconferencing app to discuss your project. Simply take a few photos of the outside of your home and an exterior design consultant will discuss your project with you, providing you a quote good for up to 6 months.

We understand these times are difficult and we’re grateful for those doing their part to prevent the spread of illness. As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to unfold, it’s important for all of us to do our part to flatten the curve. Taking simple steps, like opening your windows and getting fresh air, are an important part of stopping the spread of illness. For more information about COVID-19 prevention, visit

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