Planning Your Summer Window Replacement Project

Summer Window Replacement: The Ideal Time

If you’re looking into having windows replaced, you’ve probably realized by now that there’s an article telling you every season is the best season to have it done. After all, window replacement companies work year-round, and have long ago solved the problems of dealing with heat, cold, rain, and family schedules. Window Nation can replace your windows efficiently no matter the season.

Still, there are good arguments for doing it now. In mid-summer, allergens are low, so opening the envelope of your home for a day won’t let as much pollen into the house as spring and fall installations might. If you have kids at home, you won’t disturb their school by doing it when school is out. And these brutally hot summer days are when the benefits of more energy-efficient windows are at their peak – you might as well start those savings now.

Not to mention, your house probably looks its best in mid-summer, when the flowers are blooming, and the lawn is lush. If you want to see your home at peak curb appeal, replacing the windows in the best growing season is ideal.

And while this summer brings unique concerns related to COVID-19, our team members work safely in hundreds of homes each day, thanks to our comprehensive safety protocols and industry-best PPE.

Here are a few things to know about readying your home, and your family, for a summer window replacement project.

Before Installation Day

Our installation crews are experienced, and can navigate any curveball that comes about during the installation process. But a day or two before your window installation is scheduled, you can take a few steps to make the project as smooth as possible.

Clear a Path Outside

Chances are good that you rarely stand directly outside your own windows, but installers will need to work there. We ask that homeowners take a walk around the house to check that those spaces are easily accessible, and trim back any growth that may be in the way of workspace.

Clear a Path Inside

Installation crews will need to carry the old windows out, and the new windows in, through your home. To ensure that their work goes quickly and disrupts your life as little as possible, walk the path they’ll take in and out, and clear any obstacles out of the way.

Remove Window Dressings

Our crews can take down blinds and curtains, but many homeowners like to do that themselves before installers arrive, to save time, and ensure that they’re stored away where you’d like to have them so you can easily put to back up once your new windows are in place.

Remove Wall Decorations

It isn’t necessary to strip the walls of your house bare, but you may wish to remove pictures hung near where new windows will be installed. The installation process can vibrate wall surfaces, so taking pictures down temporarily helps protect them while the work is done.

Prepare Security Systems

If your old windows have sensors for a security system, you’ll need to detach them so that they can be seamlessly placed on the new windows.

Installation Day

Window replacement can nearly always be done in a single day. But that day is easiest for everyone involved when homeowners take a few simple steps before the crew arrives.

Plan to Close Off Rooms

Window installers will need to leave your house open to the elements for brief periods, which means you’ll lose cool air on a hot day. To maximize comfort, plan to close off each room as our crews work in it, minimizing heat let into the house.

Secure Pets

Animals aren’t used to the opening to the outside that replacing a window temporarily creates. It’s best to keep them out of the rooms where work is done.

Provide Access to an Electrical Outlet

Window Nation crews bring everything they need for the installation process, but may need access to an electrical outlet for certain tools. If this will be a problem, let the crew leader know, so we can plan to rely only on battery-operated equipment.

Be Briefly Accessible Before and After Work is Done

On the day work is done, our crew leader will walk you through a 20-point checklist before starting work, ensure that the process is efficient and simple.  We’re unlikely to need you much during the process, but when work is complete, the crew leader will briefly demonstrate each window’s functions, and give you a chance to ask any questions you may have.

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