Double Hung WindowThere are all kinds of people in the world, and even though you may have a doppelganger out there somewhere, there isn't going to be anyone who looks exactly like you. We're all different in our own unique and special ways. After weighing vinyl windows pros and cons, vinyl windows may be perfect for one person and may not be the right choice for someone else. So, which are you? Are you someone who will absolutely love new vinyl windows for your home, or will you prefer wood or fiberglass? Let's look at vinyl windows pros and cons and see how this material measures up against the other two.


If the price is most important to you, vinyl is the way to go. When you want all the advantages that new windows provide but don't have a ton of money to spend, vinyl window prices are unbeatable and give the best balance between features and cost. Windows made with vinyl are strong, long lasting, energy efficient, and beautiful; and because they are easier to manufacture, you're not going to have to pay as much to have great windows that will keep the heat in during those cold winter days and keep the cold in when things get hot and humid outside. Vinyl windows can be double or triple pane with Argon or Krypton gas to resist heat transfer, and they can have a reflectant coating that will reflect heat back to the outside, all without breaking your wallet.


If you want functionality, vinyl may be the perfect choice. Have you ever tried to clean a wood window on the second floor of your home? It can be a real pain; but with vinyl, you can leave the ladder in the shed and just swing those windows in to clean them. This kind of functionality is priceless and yet features like these come standard with many vinyl window options. If you care more about the windows than the frames, vinyl will be the right fit. While we are proud to offer frames that are made from 100% virgin vinyl to provide superior strength, and a wide selection of colors to give the variety our customers need, we realize that some folks just aren't happy unless they have something that looks like real stained wood. And even though we offer wood grain laminates that look beautiful, it just isn't enough for some people. We understand. But, if you're okay with not having the special touch that only wood and fiberglass can provide, vinyl will give you all the other benefits of new windows and still look beautiful. You'll have more light coming in, soft shadows on your floors and walls, a better view of your yard, and--if you get a bow window--a nice little nook where you can relax and enjoy a book.


Another angle on vinyl windows pros and cons is maintenance and ease of customization. If you're looking for easy maintenance, vinyl is a hassle free option. Being able to easily clean the windows on the second and third stories of your home isn't the only way vinyl window maintenance is easier. It is also a breeze to keep the frames nice on vinyl windows. Vinyl can be cleaned with just a little soapy water, and you don't have to worry about having to paint, repaint, or stain to keep them nice through the years. If you actually like painting your windows, vinyl may not be for you. No window can be all things to all people. If you're the kind of person who likes to switch things up and change the color of your frames every now and then, you'll want to go with wood or even fiberglass instead of vinyl.


If you want windows that will brave the weather, vinyl will get you there. This material is made to weather the weather. In rain, sleet, or snow, vinyl windows aren't going to crack, chip, or peel.


Do you see new vinyl windows in your future? If you do, let Window Nation help you with that window replacement. We have an incredible selection of styles and colors, and we're sure to find the perfect fit. Nothing breathes life into the exterior beauty of a home like new windows can. Let's get started today.

This is it, folks! It’s the fighting event of the year! It has come down to the two most popular choices for replacement windows. Vinyl windows versus wood windows. In every town and state across America, this is the battle of the century! Who will it be?

Issues and Benefits of Wood Windows

In one corner, weighing in at approximately 20 to 30 pounds per average size window, this classic wood window has a lot to offer. The intimate relationship you will have these windows is certain. You will get to know each and every corner of the frame when you clean it.

Wood window maintenance can be tedious if you do not start out with the right quality of windows. Just think how well you will know all its angles, corners and designs when you have to sand, scrape and repaint it.

You will need to check the cladding and trim regularly for any cracks that may allow water to penetrate the wood frame. A moist or wet wood frame can be lots of trouble, it’s important to choose wood windows that have been properly treated with water-repellent preservative. A warped frame is a weakness that might be a knock-out of the wood window. Another important point is the cost of wood windows vs vinyl: on average wood windows are more expensive than vinyl windows.

However, we must also mention that no other kind of window comes close to wood in terms of the beauty, elegance, and charm it can bring to a home. Wood windows from Window Nation are made from durable ponderosa pine with glass systems that meet the most stringent ENERGY STAR requirements. Wood windows are also very easy to customize to your own specific style, it can be easily painted, stained or even clad with other materials like aluminium or fiberglass.

Issues and Benefits of Vinyl Windows

In the other corner, weighing in at approximately 8 to 12 pounds per average size window, this new, sleek vinyl replacement window is made to your custom specifications. It is made to perfectly fit your needs. With many colors and styles to choose from this is YOUR window. A strong, independent window. It will not require any of your time or money for maintenance.

With no wood components, you don’t have to be concerned about moisture or warping it. Energy efficiency is its middle name. Keeping your homes indoor temperature stable is what it’s fighting for.

This reliable, efficient, sleek window will not fail you nor will it give up. Standing tall until the last bell, this replacement vinyl window from Window Nation comes with one of the best warranties in the business. Nothing and no one can knock it out.

Wood Windows vs. Vinyl Windows: You Decide The Winner!

Wood windows may be a traditional look and style, but that doesn’t mean that they are the best window to choose. Replacing wood windows with vinyl is also very common with owners of older homes because of all the advantages of vinyl windows. In this battle of vinyl windows vs. wood windows, vinyl reigns supreme. Replacement vinyl windows from Window Nation are a triple threat. They are less expensive to purchase, ultra-low to maintain, and extremely energy efficient. Whichever replacement window option you choose, choose Window Nation if you want the best.

Is your home still donning those old, huge, single or double pane windows?  If it does, it may be time for you to consider a change.  Those old windows usually fall into one of two categories:  either they are paper thin panes with gaps around the window putty that allow your heat to quickly and quietly escape or the cold, winter wind to whip inside your home as if there were no panes at all, or they have two panes with moisture and haze in between that makes you think it is a foggy day when, in fact, it is actually quite sunny!   Besides, those double pane windows that have broken down like that also allow heat to escape at a record pace.  Either way, if you have either of these old windows, you should consider replacing them.

The new technology in windows puts the old to shame. There are several options in this technology here at Window Nation. To name a few: We offer Extreme Low-E double pane glass which blocks up to 80% of the sun's ultraviolet rays to protect your furnishings from the sun's damage.  They are also filled with Argon gas to reduce heat transfer giving you great energy efficient savings.  You also have the option to add the tin-plated steel spacer system to add a stronger thermal barrier to even further reduce heat loss.   Our Solarban 70XL choice provides fade protection at a rate of 99.7%.  That is super fade resistant quality!  This choice is also filled with Argon gas to reduce heat transfer and save you on your energy costs; and it is considered by engineers to be the world's toughest in accelerated aging and durability testing.  Our top choice for energy efficiency is the Ultimate Triple pane glass system.  This choice features insulating glass with 2 coatings of silver oxide on 2 panes of Low-E glass plus a third pane of Low-E glass.  This is the top choice for noise reduction, and has great fade protection plus we have Krypton gas between the insulated glass to make your home super energy efficient!

No matter what you are looking for in new replacement windows, we have an option for you that will rival all others in both style and quality.  Replacement windows will pay for themselves in no time as you keep more of your heat in your home and less escaping to heat the great outdoors.  New replacement windows just makes (dollars and) cents! Please contact our helpful and professional team here at Window Nation.  We specialize in customer service and customer satisfaction.

When you think about replacing the windows on your home with new vinyl windows, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, nothing comes to mind. Why should it? All you know is that you want something that will replace those old warped or broken windows, and you want something that is going to add to the beauty of your home. But, even though we manufacture all of our vinyl windows with multi-million-dollar robotic systems, and guarantee the best quality available, we understand that vinyl replacement windows aren’t for everyone. So, here are the pros and cons of getting vinyl. You decide.


  • Lower energy bills. This material keeps its shape when temperatures heat up or cool down. That means they’re not going to warp and lose their seal. We also use the highest quality materials in our windows and give options for triple pane glass to resist heat transfer. If you’re looking to have windows that will save you money on your heating and cooling bills, vinyl is the way to go.

  • Easy maintenance. There is no beating vinyl when it comes to easy maintenance. These windows swing out, flip down, and pull out for fast easy cleaning. If you’ve ever tried to clean third story windows, you know how great this feature is.

  • Durable. Once again, resistance to heat and cold is what makes this material shine. As the years pass, vinyl windows will hold their shape.


  • Fewer options. Even though we offer more of a selection than most window companies with 5 different window options, 10 different glass options, and over 50 color options, there really is no competing with wood when it comes to variety. If you’re looking for a specific style of trim, vinyl may not be right for you.

  • What you have is what you have. If you’re the kind of person who likes change, vinyl may not be the right fit for you. Unlike wood frames, most vinyl is not paintable. That means you’re not going to be able to mix things up every few months like you can with wood.

When you need durable windows that will save you money on your energy bills, are easy to clean, and will give you decades of reliable use, vinyl is the way to go. At Window Nation we make the choice even easier by giving you a wide option of colors and features to fit your vision, and your budget. Take a look at our double hung, venting, sliders, bays, and bows and see which of these styles fit your needs–or custom order a specialty shape for a picture window or unique opening. We’ll work with you to get the perfect windows that you’ll be happy with for years.

GLEN BURNIE, MD (October 15, 2015) – Window Nation, one of the country’s leading replacement window companies, is now ranked a top 10 company for home improvement and home remodeling, according to a recent study via Remodeling magazine.

The list is comprised of the top 550 largest home improvement companies in the nation and ranks the companies based upon achieved operational and financial excellence. Dubbed The Remodeling 550, the publication focuses on four areas: 325 full-service companies, 150 replacement contractors, 20 insurance restoration firms and 55 franchises.  

“Over the years we have continued to work our way up the list and have done whatever we can internally to try and improve and earn a top spot for our customers,” explains Harley Magden, co-founder and owner of Window Nation. “Achieving recognition in the top 10 is a big win for us; although we won’t stop until we’re at number one!”

As a replacement contractor, Window Nation’s total revenues increased 8.4% this year. In 2013 Window Nation was ranked 12th on the list and 11th just last year.

Magden, who founded Window Nation in 2006 with his brother, Aaron, cites their commitment to over delivering on customer service as the main driver for the company’s continued recognition and growth. “We genuinely obsess over customer satisfaction,” explains Magden. “Without happy customers, there’s simply no business. Right now, our satisfaction is within the 90 to 97 percent range based on 15,000 customer surveys. But it’s not 100, so we will continue to learn and evolve from our mistakes until we are.” 

The residential remodeling revenue data for the list is gathered from a web-based survey developed by Remodeling. The data is compiled and ranked, which is how the list came to be. The full list this year is divided into easy to read sub-categories and can be viewed at

About Window Nation:

Window Nation was started in 2006 by two brothers who literally grew up in the window business, learning about home improvement, customer care and the difference a quality window can make.  The company provides an unsurpassed selection of premium windows, doors and siding installed by highly skilled, licensed professionals. The company has replaced over 225,000 windows in Maryland, Washington, D.C., northern Virginia, Philadelphia and northeast Ohio. Learn more at

About Remodeling:

Remodeling provides the indispensable business tools, product information, design ideas, cost-estimating tools and management advice that enable full-service remodeling businesses to thrive. The site is run by a company called Hanley Wood. For nearly 40 years Hanley Wood has provided indispensable news, analysis and information for the residential and commercial design and the construction industry.



I love August. Bright, warm, sunny days with birds chirping and leaves rustling as the breeze blows softly by. I don’t even mind the occasional shower that falls to the ground and cools things down a bit. My absolute favorite time in August, though, is in the early morning when I grab my first cup of coffee and head out to the sunroom to just take in the sights and sounds while my brain struggles to consciousness.

Lately, however, my morning views have not been so pleasant. I have noticed that, like me, my windows seem to be quite ‘foggy’ in the wee hours of the day. As the day progresses, they seem to clear a bit, but they never actually clear completely and leave me gazing through them as through a light cloud. I long for the day when my morning view was clear and crisp – when I could gaze at the bright red of the Cardinals feeding in the bird feeder next to my window or the mourning doves as they coo atop the telephone wires without hindrance. It somehow seemed to help me wake up and face the day.

Damage to windows can happen gradually over time, and we often don’t even notice until we think it’s time for a new pair of glasses, when in fact it’s not our eyesight that has gone ‘south’. Time is not the only culprit that can cause damage as it wears away at the seals on your windows and allows moisture to seep between the panes of glass. Did you know that weather can play a factor too? Wind can blow around dust and small debris that hit against your nice, clear glass and cause little divots to form. Unnoticeable at first, they eventually appear as tiny little spots or mini-dents on the surface of your window panes. It’s similar to what you can see on an old windshield when the sun is shining just right; and you don’t even realize how much it hinders what you see until you replace it and look through the smooth, shiny new pane. Winter weather plays a role too. The snow, sleet and hail that accompany winter storms beat against the panes and wear down that beautiful luster.

If you find that you are in need of a window ‘makeover’ this year, it’s time to call a professional like Window Nation for help. Did you know that here at Window Nation we offer fast, friendly, expert service, and we are one of the top 10 window retailers in the country? We even offer 24 hour emergency support. Our technicians are highly trained and licensed professionals that are focused on unmatched craftsmanship; and we will work with you to meet your budget restrictions. If you need clearer vision in your mornings (or afternoons or evenings as far as that goes!) then it’s time to contact us and stop hiding your hideous scratched windows with drapes and shades, but give them a new face and let them shine!

Philadelphia has many faces and seasons. Some seasons that aren’t listed in the text books, like mud season, and ‘Oh my! Is this snow ever gonna stop’ season! We all lead busy lives to get the most that we can out of each season. Whether it’s getting as much work in as possible while the sun is shining or plowing all the snow that falls, we are busy!

Who really has time to think about maintenance? Seriously, the only reason that we remember to get the oil changed in our car is that sticker that screams at us on the windshield! We all know just how important maintenance truly is for our cars and other vehicles, but do we ever really focus on the maintenance of our homes? For most of us, sadly, the answer is no. Very few things are as huge an investment as our homes, and often it is the last thing that we take time out of our busy lives to maintain.

Typically one of the large areas of maintenance in our homes is our windows. Wood windows are beautiful. They have been and still are used in many homes and buildings everywhere. They offer a timeless and traditional beauty and feel that just can’t be fully achieved with any other type of window. Unfortunately, just like most wood products, they also carry a huge need for regular maintenance. Not everyone has the time, or money to fulfill the maintenance demand that comes with wood windows.

Vinyl replacement windows are a perfect choice for those of us that can’t meet the maintenance demands of wood windows. Today’s vinyl replacement windows are high quality products that are designed to out preform many other types of windows. Here at Window Nation, our vinyl replacement windows have a zero maintenance schedule. They demand nothing of your time or money to maintain their beauty and quality.

We have many of this nation’s leading window manufacturers under one roof. Our high quality vinyl replacement windows are manufactured to your specifications. We offer 5 window models, with 10 glass options and over 20 different colors to pick from. We have a window to fit every style and budget. Our friendly and knowledgeable professionals can walk you through every step of the process of replacing your windows. This project can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With our help you can rest assured that it will be done correctly and efficiently with minimum disruption to your busy life. Then you can sit back and enjoy your maintenance free quality vinyl replacement windows from Window Nation and never have to worry about window maintenance!

Have questions? Want more information about replacement window pricing? Stop by our Philadelphia showroom today!

If you have been considering replacing windows in your home then you may have a few questions. Aside from the common queries, like which style, color, and type of glass, a question asked by many savvy homeowners is when is the best time to purchase replacement windows? And the answer is right now. August is the best time to purchase your replacement windows. Keep reading to find out why!

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August is the month when business is slower for most window companies because families and homeowners are distracted with back to school shopping, moving kids into college dorms, andtaking the last vacation of the summer. This means that window companies offer bigger discounts for those who are going forward with window replacements.

calendar showing august 15 marked

And when we say August, we mean right now, because despite the dip in window replacements this month, September and October prove to be just the opposite. These are the busiest two months of the year and could end up costing you more money. It could also take window companies longer to schedule in your service then.

Not sure if you are ready to replace the windows in your home? Read our previous blog: 7 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Windows for some help in the decision-making process. If you are ready, then you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of Window Nation’s energy efficient window replacements including:

  • Savings in your heating and cooling bills

  • Increased property value

  • Warmer, cozier home in the winter

  • Cooler home in the summer

Window Nation has a large service area, which includes Cleveland and Akron, OH; Baltimore, MD, the D.C. metro; and Northern Virginia. Don’t waste any time. Please contact us at Window Nation today!

Everyone is looking for a few ways to cut costs today whether it’s carpooling or more energy efficient appliances, but what about energy efficient windows? Often overlooked is the impact that windows have on our electric, heating and cooling bills. Reduce energy bills, stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer by replacing old windows with more modern, energy saving windows.

Today’s replacement windows come in a variety of different materials, styles and colors to match your home and style. You can choose from:

Also, bays or bows, casement, and sliders are available to suit your needs and desires. No longer do you have to deal with a boring, single paned window, choose a color that makes your room pop!

Not only are there plenty of style options, but there are different options of energy efficient glass. You can choose from double or triple pane glass, which will surely keep you cool this summer and warm next winter. The newest technology to glass is Krypton gas, which is added to the spaces between insulated glass and further helps to reduce the transfer of any heat.

Stay cooler as the weather heats up this spring with your new replacement windows.  Enjoy more time inside with your family even on the hottest days without the worry of racking up a huge electric bill. If you live in Baltimore, DC metro, Northern Virginia, Cleveland or Charlotte and you are ready to cut costs with more energy efficient windows, contact Window Nation today! The experts in window replacements and energy efficiency will have your home’s old windows replaced and restyled in no time!