August is the Time to Buy Replacement Windows

If you’re in the market to replace your windows, you might be wondering when the best time to buy windows is. Each season has its advantages and disadvantages that could impact your project: you might be dealing with hot, humid conditions in the summer or freezing cold in the winter. So when should you consider starting your project? Our team of window replacement experts gave us the low-down.

Warmer Seasons

Many window replacement companies recommend waiting for the temperatures to warm up to start your project. You won’t have to worry about your exterior design consultant getting stuck in the snow on the way to your appointment, and winter weather conditions won’t delay your installation.

Replacement windows are particularly important in the spring and summer, as they keep your home comfortable and prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home. When you replace your windows in the summer, you’ll enjoy energy savings throughout the hot, humid months. Energy efficient replacement windows will help you lower your energy bills while keeping your home comfortable. We offer wood and vinyl windows, each available in double pane and triple pane options. All home windows are built with a special Low-E coating and Argon gas between the panes for maximum energy efficiency.

If you want your windows installed while the weather is warm, August is the best time to buy windows. Demand is typically low, as many families prioritize back-to-school shopping over home improvement projects. You might even beat the Fall home improvement rush – September and October are often the busiest months of the year for home improvement companies.

Winter and Fall

While some window replacement experts say August is the best time to buy windows, cold weather projects have unexpected benefits. When you choose a cold weather window replacement project, you might experience less time between ordering and installation because our factories have fewer windows to build. You might even receive a better deal on your project, as companies offer competitive deals to attract customers. You’ll also enjoy an energy efficiency boost and lower energy bills – replacement windows from Window Nation are built with premium energy efficiency features to keep your home comfortable all winter long.

However, we understand that some homeowners might have concerns about starting their project during the cold winter months. Winter weather conditions could cause delays to your project, particularly if you live in a snowy area like Boston or Kansas City. Our team will work to keep complications to a minimum, ensuring your project goes as smoothly as possible.

Some homeowners might also be concerned about the cold air from outside entering their home during installation. However, you can feel comfortable knowing our team of installers know how to get the job done with minimal discomfort to those living in the home. Our team will take steps to keep your home comfortable during installation, like sealing off the room they’re working in to keep the cold air limited to one room. If the space is larger of the room can’t be sealed off, a heavy blanket can be draped to contain most of the cold to just the area near the window.

So when IS the best time of year to buy windows?

The secret is out – there is no “best time to buy windows.” The best time to buy windows depends entirely on your home’s needs. To learn more, schedule an estimate with one of our exterior design consultants today.

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