The History Of Home Siding

Throughout the years the look and style of a home has changed so much. There have been many changes in technology and materials to build a home. Homes started out being made from wood, stone or some form of brick. How things have changed. There are so many advanced materials used to make new homes these days. One home feature that has grown in popularity over the years is siding choices. During 1900’s siding choices included wood, shingles, aluminum and veneer. The newest choice for siding is vinyl. Vinyl siding has quickly become the number one choice for exterior siding.

Vinyl siding started being produced in the 1950’s for regular home building and remodeling. In the beginning vinyl siding needed a bit of work to get to its current high quality production. It started out as a basic siding choice made by a plastics manufacturer. Its color faded in the sun and it was not as durable as it is today.

From 1970 to 1980 vinyl siding manufactures got the formula right. They made an improved weather resistant and color stay type of vinyl siding. These improvements have made this siding a sot after choice. With each passing year, more and more improvements are being made to help protect homes while adding style that is guaranteed to last.

Vinyl siding is now considered the best and the first choice for any new home or remodel. It is easy to install, durable, weather resistant and comes in many different colors and styles. Vinyl siding is now low maintenance, easy to clean and lasts the test of time. Vinyl siding has become so advanced it is now made to look like other types of siding. You can find vinyl siding that looks like wood or shingles. It can also go vertical or horizontal. If you like the vinyl shingles it will come in different shapes and styles.

Vinyl siding is the number one choice for siding options in the United States. It clearly has many advantages that surpass the competition. Also if you are set on a certain look, vinyl siding can sometimes replicate that look while still having all of its great durable qualities. When looking to remodel the exterior of your home or to build a home, vinyl siding has with stood the test of time, improved its reputation and now become your top qualifying choice for siding.

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