The Top 8 Ways to Let More Natural Light into Your Home

Think of that first lovely spring day. The birds are singing, the trees are budding, and we are all suddenly, inexplicably happy. It’s no surprise that the arrival of sunny spring weather often feels like turning a corner: the benefits of natural light are well documented. Sunlight helps ward off depression, alleviates anxiety, boosts vitamin D production, and improves sleep. We blossom in the sunlight. 

Natural light has other benefits as well. Homes that are suffused with a light feel more spacious and relaxing. Natural light deters mold and mildew growth and can reduce utility spending on electricity and heating. Homes with better lighting also tend to have better resale value.

So whether you’re getting ready to embrace the changing season, or hoping to spruce up your home to put on the market, here are our top eight tips for how to let more natural light into your home.

#8 Pick a light color palette 

A light color palette reflects 80–90% of natural light. Take a look at your ceilings — repainting this forgotten surface can make your space feel taller and brighter. Even the materials around your windows can help bounce light. Window Nation offers multiple options for sash materials on all of our windows. A brightly colored window sash welcomes in the light. 

#7 Deep clean your windows

Bust out the vinegar and newspaper — it’s time to give those windows a clean. You’ll be amazed to see the difference made when you clean your windows. Be sure to put this task on the regular rotation. While you’re there, make sure all your windows are in working order. 

#6 Decorate with reflective materials

When it’s time to decorate, bring out the bling. Strategically placed mirrors can double up the light in the room, tricking the eye and livening up the home. For kitchens, consider white or chrome appliances instead of black. A few well-placed reflective choices can significantly change the feel of your space. 

#5 Swap in lighter window treatments

Get rid of those heavy brocades and dense fabrics. Easy, breezy, and beautiful is the way to go with window treatments. Consider lightly colored linens, loosely woven sheers, or classic lace. As a bonus, lighter fabrics can cut down on the dust in your home — something to consider if you’re dealing with allergies. 

#4 Consider a sliding glass door

Why not turn that window into a door? Installing glass doors will not only bring more light into your space. It’ll encourage everyone to get outside. Enjoy your backyard, take your shoes off and put your feet in the grass. A sliding glass door (or a set of French doors) will help your family make the most of your home. You’ll get more light into the house, and you may even start hosting the neighborhood cookout. 

#3 Trim back shrubs and trees 

Give the shrubs and trees around your windows a haircut. Keeping your greenery trimmed will not only let in light but can also help cut down on the moisture in your home and keep your home’s foundation in good shape. If those trees and bushes get too big, they’ll be expensive to trim later and could damage your home in a storm. Overgrown landscaping could even pose a security risk! Trim them back, and let the sunshine in. 

#2 Buy the correct light bulbs

On cloudy days when natural sunshine isn’t available, turn on a light that mimics the effect of natural light. Be sure to seek out sources that feature the full spectrum of light. LED bulbs are energy-efficient and can give a warm glow. Even today’s compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are kinder to our eyes than the old blinking fluorescent tubes. Survey your lightbulbs and consider installing dimmers or smart bulbs for maximum control over your ambiance.

#1 Install larger windows 

The best way to flood your home with light is by installing new, larger replacement windows. New windows will increase your home’s curb appeal and make your interior feel spacious and relaxing. Plus, you can quickly reduce your home’s carbon footprint and lower your monthly energy bills by installing energy-efficient windows. A new bay window, a picture window, or even a specialty size can change your day-to-day experience in your home. 

Give Window Nation a call to get a free quote and explore new ways to increase your home value, save on utility bills, and transform your house into a refreshing, sunny oasis.

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