Tips On How To Clean Vinyl Siding

If you have wood siding on your home then you know how challenging it can be to keep it looking new. You almost have to paint it every single year to keep it looking good through all the harsh weather that Mother Nature throws at us. All the scraping, sanding and repainting a house with wood siding requires can take ages! Plus, if you plan to do it yourself all this maintenance can rob you of the limited relaxation time you get during the summer months. What can be done? Window Nation’s siding contractors in Virginia have just the thing for your wood siding woes: replacement vinyl siding! Our professionals can help you choose the vinyl siding that is right for your home and we will professionally install it for you. When our work is complete, your home will look brand new and will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Now- the important question you might be asking is how easy is vinyl siding to maintain? Believe it or not, vinyl siding is one of the easiest and most maintenance free parts of your home! Vinyl siding is resistant to most common household stains. However, like anything else exposed to atmospheric conditions, vinyl siding can become dirty. Here are a few simple tips to help keep your vinyl siding looking beautiful:

  • To remove grime, soil and other buildup from your siding, use a garden hose and a soft bristle brush or cloth. With soapy water, gently scrub the siding until the grime is loosened and then use the hose to wash away the dirt. For best results, wash the house from the bottom up, making sure to rinse before the soap dries.
  • If any vinyl siding boards appear cracked or damaged, contact the pros at Window Nation for information on how to acquire a replacement panel. Another great benefit to vinyl siding is that damaged panels are easily acquired and replaced.
  • If you have stains that are difficult to remove, high pressure rinsing may be helpful. It is important that you avoid prolonged high pressure rinsing and you keep any cleaning solutions off your surrounding fixtures and surfaces (exposed brick, etc) that aren’t meant to be washed. You should also read the washer instructions carefully before use!
  • If you are in need of a specialized cleaner for your vinyl siding, give us a call and we can recommend an appropriate product for your siding.

As you can see, keeping your vinyl siding looking like new is a very easy task and is significantly easier than maintaining a home with wood siding. If you are sick and tired of taking care of wood siding and would like the beauty and ease of vinyl siding, contact our home improvement professionals at Window Nation today for more information!

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