What Are The Benefits Of Vinyl Siding For My Home

Vinyl is final. We have heard that adage for years. But, really? Is it final? And is this the only benefit to vinyl siding vs traditional wood siding?

No, its not the only benefit. Vinyl siding truly has become the standard for siding in todays housing market. Vinyl siding comes in many different styles. It is no longer just the long horizontal pieces of days gone by. You can choose a vinyl siding that perfectly mimics many wood siding patterns. This will give you the classic beauty of a wood siding style, but with the all the low maintenance benefits of vinyl. Some of the more popular styles include:

  • shake style
  • single style
  • reinforced siding
  • 4” clapboard style

The shake and shingle style vinyl panels are a great option for the person who wants all the benefits of vinyl, but does not want a clapboard look. Many times people have to touch the shake or shingle style siding to see if they are vinyl or wood.

Vinyl siding is easy to install. Vinyl is a manufactured product. Each piece is intricately designed to perfectly fit within a siding system. Natural wood siding will have imperfections and tends to be a more difficult installation process. Vinyl typically is attached to the row above it in a channel that has enough room for the vinyl to contract or expand as the temperature depicts.

There are hundreds of colors to choose from with vinyl siding. Some are ‘wood tone’ and some are solid colors. The wood tone has a colored finish that achieves the appearance of stained wood siding by adding a wood grain design to the finish. Both wood tone and the solid colors are colored throughout the product, so there will be no need for scraping and repainting as the years go by.

Vinyl is a product made up of plastic polymers. There is no need to repaint vinyl siding. In fact, vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free. Commonly just rinsing your siding off with a garden hose is all the maintenance needed to keep your vinyl siding looking new, clean and fresh.

Vinyl siding also is a great protection for your home from the elements. Vinyl will not absorb moisture, so rotting and freezing aren’t an issue. Quite often vinyl siding will make your home more energy efficient by providing a solid functioning siding system to shell in your house.

For more information about the installation of vinyl siding for your home, give us a call today!

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