Window Nation’s Top Fall Improvement Projects

Fall is here and it is time to tackle some of those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off. Fall is a great time to update your home to make it more energy efficient or to change the look and feel. You’re not battling the heat and if you wait too long you’ll be up against the cold and the snow.

There are some ways to renovate your home, update the look and save on energy costs without a ton of time and money.

  • Installing a replacement door can do wonders for your home. Old doors can let cold air in and warm air out in the winter (which is just around the corner), costing you more in heating costs. Older doors also don’t tend to be as secure. Maybe the paint is chipping or you really want a door that will allow more natural light into your home. Replacing a door is a pretty quick process, especially if you hire a pro to do it for you. You know when you hire a professional the door will be installed properly and guaranteed to fit. There’s nothing worse than picking the perfect door, getting it home and realizing it doesn’t fit.

  • A lot of heat in the winter and AC in the summer goes right out the window. Replacing the windows in your home can be a huge money saver in the long run. There are new technologies that are a lot more energy efficient, more durable as well as windows that can protect your furniture and carpet from harmful UV rays. There are lots of different options of windows, so whether you’re looking to save money or just update the look of your home, there is a style and color window that is perfect for you.

  • Another way to update your home this fall is by adding vinyl siding. More and more people are choosing to add siding to their home. It doesn’t chip or peel, it’s easy to clean, it protects your home from the elements (like the snow and ice that will be here before you know it), keeps outside noise out and comes in all different colors and styles. Adding siding to your home can make it look like an entirely different home. it can increase your home’s value and really up its curb appeal.

Some other things you can do around your home this fall to keep it in tip top shape is by doing some fall cleaning outside; raking the leaves, cleaning out the gutters and seeding or planting your lawn as well as winterizing your home. For more info on how to improve your home this fall; contact the pros at Window Nation today!

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