Think Outside the Box with Specialty Replacement Windows

Do you remember how we all used to draw houses back in grade school? You’d get out the crayons and draw one big rectangle, with another rectangle for the door, and a few rectangle windows. Add a triangle-shaped roof and your picture is ready to be hung on the refrigerator.

An iconic house drawing.

How would you draw that same house today? You’d probably still want that spacious rectangle of living space and the tree out front, but perhaps you can jazz this house up and get creative with the shape of the windows. With a bit of advanced geometry? You could create something very impressive indeed.

Windows no longer come in just squares and rectangles. Specialty replacement windows are available in all kinds of shapes. With customization, the possibilities are endless. From full circle and half circle windows to bold shapes like triangles and hexagons, specialty windows can take your home beyond the rectangle.


Add instant character to your home

Many homes are built as part of a larger planned community. A developer buys a tract of land, offers a handful of floor plans, and repeats them about a hundred times. Voilà— you have a neighborhood. Sure, there may be some small variations in the color of the home, or how the front walk is situated, but overall, it’s variations on a theme.

If you’d like to take your home beyond the cookie-cutter, examining your window shape is a great way to start.

Look at the homes you love — there’s often one detail that draws the eye in. There’s something a little unexpected, and/or some amount of visual excitement. When you see one of those homes, you know that the details were well thought out, and there’s just something special there.

An unanticipated window shape transforms your curb appeal. Maybe you add a gently curved window over your first-floor windows, maybe there’s a triangle window tucked into a corner of the roof. Think of a beautiful oval attic window shining down from up on the third floor.

A small hexagon window in a forgotten corner of a dark room not only transforms the visual appeal of a room but also welcomes invaluable light. Smaller specialty windows make a big impact in problem areas. You can refresh the space and create a customized nook.

It’s the details that make a house sing.


Combine shapes to make a focal point

A statement window doesn’t have to be a small one-off. Imagine how these different shapes can play together, and you could create a whole statement wall of windows.

Imagine taking a picture window, and adding two transom windows on either side. Now that picture window can open and let in a breeze on a summer day. Place some arched windows up above the portrait window, and you increase the drama. A real focal point.

Suddenly your sitting room has the feel of a sunroom. You can open the home to take in the backyard or let your statement wall of windows transform the home’s front elevation.

None of this style comes at the cost of substance. Specialty windows offer the same energy efficiency as traditional windows. When you install quality specialty windows, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort. You can curl up with a book beside your wall of windows all throughout the year.


Ways to play

Not sure where to start?  Window Nation has a wealth of inspiration and information about window styles and products to peruse.

If your dream is still coming into focus, you can start with the gallery of inspirational photos. Check out our Pinterest page for some great ideas.

Window Nation is a third-generation window company with an eye for the details.  They can work with you to craft a customized window shape or help you to imagine how to use their windows to maximum effect. Give Window Nation a call today, and we’ll help you make your home as unique as you are.

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