8 Tips to Burglar-Proof Your Basement Windows

Have you ever lost your keys and tried to break into your own house? It’s a bummer, for sure, but it can also get you thinking. If you’re able to break into your house, chances are someone else will also be able to.  Out of all of the points of entry into your home, basement windows are the most vulnerable.  Think about it. Odds are your master bedroom is up on the second floor— too far away to hear the noise of a break-in. Basement windows often face into the backyard, away from flood lights or security cameras. There’s not even much of a chance for a passing motorist to witness the break-in.  Basements can be an afterthought for homeowners— it’s just the spot for boxes, the washing machine, and that extra beer fridge.  However, There’s a few things you can do to tighten up the security, and give you peace of mind.  Here are our top eight tips to make burglars walk right on past your home.

Get covers installed on your basement windows

If your basement windows look up a little shaft, then window well covers will keep intruders away. They also keep rain and snow away from the windows, so bonus on this one. 

Make it seem lively down there

It’s simple. Pick up an inexpensive timer at the home improvement store.  Program a light, or even an old clock radio, to create a sense that there might be someone down there. If you’re already using a home smart speaker system, you can even program that to keep your basement lively. 

Slap a security sticker on your basement windows

Maybe your security company gave you a little yard sign to put in the bushes. Those signs are hard to see in the dark! Get a sticker. It’s a visual reminder (right at the most opportune moment!) that this break-in will not go well. 

Install flood lights in the backyard

So many homeowners point their floodlights at the driveway—as if an intruder is going to be making a polite housecall. Install them on the backside of the house, and catch them coming from your most vulnerable angle. 

Make it tough to see inside

If a burglar can’t look in to see your stuff, they’re less likely to take the risk of breaking in. Depending on the style of your windows, this may mean hanging blinds or curtains that you keep closed. For smaller windows, consider installing frosted glass the next time you upgrade your home windows

Get some plant life

This may sound like a tactic straight out of a little kid’s home security plan, but what about planting some thorny bushes right in front of your basement window?  You don’t want to create a place for a burglar to hide, but a well-placed, unfriendly bush planted snugly up against the house can keep your home safer. 

Use shatter proof window glass

When you upgrade your home windows, you get to choose lots of options about the type of glass. Get a good strong shatterproof glass, and you not only keep yourself safe from a break-in, but you help out with the energy savings of your home. 

Buy the best basement windows out there

It can be tempting to invest the most money in your front-facing windows, but don’t skimp on your basement! Good proper basement windows with tight locking seals will keep you safe. Older sliding glass doors frequently have worn out locking mechanisms. It’s probably time to upgrade.  For smaller windows, like awning windows or vent windows, new windows come with a tight seal that not only saves on energy bills, but makes these windows nearly impossible to pry open with a crowbar.  

Add Peace of Mind with Basement Windows

Don’t let your basement be an afterthought. When it’s time to upgrade your basement windows, Window Nation can make sure your home is secured with the best windows on the market. Our installation experts are factory trained, and all our windows are protected by a lifetime warranty. They bring an attention to detail to every step of the process, ensuring your home is safe and secure.

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