4 DIY Fall Wreaths To Decorate The Door

Decorating for fall can be fun and easy. Wreaths are not just for Christmas anymore. A wreath on your door can be inviting, and colorful. Here are four easy and festive ideas for wreathes to decorate their home with this fall.

Pine Cone Wreath. You can buy pine cones, or go for a walk and collect them. Use a wire wreath ring and some green craft or wreath wire to attach pine cones to the ring. Add simple burlap or cloth ribbons to hang and accent the pine cones. The simplicity and earthy look of the pine cones will match almost any décor and last for a long while outside or inside!

Burlap Wreath. Burlap is available in craft stores in many different sizes and colors. Bulk coffee bean bags are also a great source for some uniquely marked and colored burlap. There are many ways to make a burlap wreath.

  • Pinning strips of burlap in folds or twists to a styrofoam craft ring is a simple solution. Use straight pins that have decorative or colored heads to add some flair.
  • Tie burlap strips in square knots around a metal wreath ring or styrofoam ring and leave the ends long enough to ‘fill’ in the wreath shape. Add some color by pinning one or two dried or artificial flowers to the burlap.
  • Wrap a styrofoam craft ring with 3” – 6” wide burlap and then accent with dried holly berries or fabric ribbons.

Multi-colored decorative corn wreath. Dried multi-colored corn on the cob is very easily strung together in the shape of a wreath by using craft wire and attaching them to a wire ring. Then decorate with ribbons, burlap, flowers or even some small gourds. These harvest themed wreaths will welcome the fall harvest season in with style and be all the talk of the neighbors.

Tulle wreath. Tulle is a very inexpensive material to work with. You can buy it in many colors. Pick up some tulle ribbon in fall colors of your choice and an 8” or 10” foam craft ring. Cut a few lengths of the tulle and tie them onto the ring. Experiment with the lengths finding the one that you like the best. Cut a bunch of them and then just tie them onto the craft ring. Knot them securely to the ring. Push them together as they fill it in. You can trim the tulle as needed when the ring is completely covered. You can leave your wreath as is or add details like ribbons or flowers.

Wreaths are a wonderful way to brighten up your front door or any part of your home. These four fall wreath ideas will quickly help your home reflect the beauty of this fun fall season.

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