A Solution That Is Better Than Window Plastic

Winter is the time of year that most homeowners dread if they deal with drafty windows. The unpredictable weather can put a damper on your electric bill. One popular DIY solution is shrink wrapping your windows with plastic. You can purchase these kits at your local hardware stores, and there are plenty of 'how-to' videos online to show you where to begin.

What’s the point of using plastic wrap?

Plastic wrap is a great solution to save money when you have drafty windows. Plastic does an excellent job of keeping the heat from escaping if it stays intact. But the problem is, it doesn't always remain intact. So, either you're losing money out your windows without realizing it, or you must rip all that plastic wrap down and put up another sheet.   While wrapping your windows in plastic is relatively easy and inexpensive, it's not without some challenges.    

It’s a lengthy process.  

Be ready to spend a fair amount of time on this DIY project. If you put shrink wrap up on more than one window, it is a chore. We recommend making it a two-person job. That double-sided tape doesn’t like to cooperate at all. It can be a real pain trying to get around a window frame, especially if you have dust on your frame. Then, if you have only two arms, like most of us, getting that plastic wrap up takes some real finesse. 

All this aside, the biggest issue with window plastic is what happens after it’s up.  

If you have animals or children, that chances of the plastic wrap staying firmly in place are unlikely. All it takes is one good game of hide and go seek to turn your hard work into something that is going to require a lot harder work. Worst of all, you can’t patch a single hole in plastic wrap like you can with window screens. And, let's not forget that plastic is not exactly environmentally friendly or, in many cases, safe when heated.    Fortunately, there is something that works better than plastic. Why not replace those old, windows 

Window technology has come a long way.

Not only do modern windows do a better job of preventing heat loss, but they are also built to last longer, especially when you get them from Window Nation. The windows we install are manufactured in the United States. And, when we build windows, we guarantee them to last longer than a lifetime against the harsh Indianapolis weather. Learn more about choosing the right window for you with our Top Guide to Choosing Replacement Windows article. Say goodbye to viewing the world through shrink wrap. Replacing your old windows with double-hung or casement windows is an investment that pays off in many ways.   
  • It's an environmentally sustainable choice  
  • Saves energy
  • Increases your home value  
  • Gives your home an instant facelift  
Quality replacement window solutions from Window Nation Reach out to Window Nation today and start this year with a new outlook. Enjoy a year-round view out of your windows without plastic! 

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