Are Black Vinyl Windows Right for You?

Do you love to gather lots of pictures of dream houses and décor? Scroll through those pictures and see if there are a few with black windows. These images are some of the most pinned pictures out there right now.  The look is definitely current.  However, It can be hard to know when you are looking at a big project like window replacement if this is a look that will date quickly, or if it’s one to sign on to. Are you going to fall out of love quickly? Or will it give your home a major glow-up?  Let’s dig a little deeper and see if this is a trend for you.  First off, is trend even the right word? If you dig into history, black steel windows were used all the way back into the 1800s —you’d see them used in factories and warehouses.  The interest in revitalizing these spaces into loft apartments has brought this look back into our consciousness—and it’s really taken off in a big way.  These windows are now made with energy efficient materials and many modern replacement window projects can take advantage of this timeless look. 

Have you considered the style of your home?

Black vinyl windows play well with lots of different styles of architecture. If you find yourself drawn to the modern farmhouse look — zoom in and notice how many of these homes feature the cool lines and bold contrast of black windows. There’s a timelessness to the look that traditional homes can tap right into.  If your house is rocking the loft modern aesthetic, then this look is very easy to pull off. This is where it came from, after all. Black vinyl windows look great next to raw brick walls, high ceilings and exposed ductwork.  Some of the more angular contemporary architecture also is an easy pairing with this look. It gives your house a gallery-like feel, and helps you blur the boundaries between indoors and out.  It’s a style with lots of design flex. 

Do you like that high contrast look?

There’s nothing like the crispness of brand new black vinyl windows installed against a white wall. The statement they make — just with that high visual contrast of white on black — will do a lot of the decorating for you. The bold contrast can act like a picture frame drawing your eye to the outdoors.  Some decorators will tell you that if your house features lots of earth tones, black windows will drag down and muddy the look of your interiors. But there are decorators out there that are savvy enough to break this rule, and make black windows work with a more subdued palate. 

How do I imagine covering Black Vinyl windows?

If you don’t have privacy concerns and want to forgo the headache of window treatments— you’ll be very happy here.  Black windows work perfectly well all by themselves. Just get out of their way and let them pack their visual punch.  Big beautiful windows on the back of the house or large windows over the kitchen sink are natural choices for uncovered black windows.  If your house faces a busy street, or you’d just like to be able to control the sun, you can still play. While Black windows do not lend themselves to blinds, roman shades are a popular pairing with this look. Curtains hung wide of the window can also break things up nicely.  Many of these frequently pinned pictures of black windows are at dusk, when the warm lights of the inside of the house contrast beautifully with the twilight. During the day however, black windows on a light colored home can look like a series of big black holes. For the sake of curb appeal, a roman shade adds nice depth.   

Timely or Timeless?

Just like the little black dress is a wardrobe workhorse. Black vinyl replacement windows are a chic, timeless choice. Window Nation has a great computer program that will help you visualize how these modern replacement windows will work in your home. The program lets you upload pictures of your home and see just what kind of impact black windows will have.  They’re a fresh and classic look to consider.

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