What Are the Benefits of Casement Windows?

When you decide to upgrade your windows, the easiest path to follow is to buy the same windows, but better. You could buy exactly the shape of your old windows and enjoy how the technology is constantly evolving. Done and Done.  But think of it this way: you have a little window of opportunity here (forgive the pun).  Casement windows have some great benefits that are worth exploring. Unlike more traditional double hung windows that open horizontally, casement windows open vertically like a door would open. They feature a turning mechanism that you use to crank them open.  You may hear people refer to these windows as crank windows. They have been around for a long time and are a very popular window in many parts of the world.  Here are some reasons why: 

They offer a nice tight seal

If you got into this window replacement project for the affordable energy efficient windows, then you’re really going to like casements. Casement windows provide the tightest seal possible. They come with a multipoint locking system that seals tight on all four sides of the window. Once you crank your casement window closed, that extra little lock lets you know that you won’t be wasting energy.  

Plenty of Peace of Mind

That tight seal can also bring you peace of mind when it comes to home security. Traditional sash windows can be pried open with a crowbar, but casements are much more secure.  Does your family have a plan for what to do in case of fire? Casement windows are sometimes used as egress windows. In emergencies, they’re a bit easier to crawl out of. If you have an area of your home (like the basement) where space is limited, a casement window can provide a safe escape route in case of a fire. 

Catch a breeze

If you’ve been in your house for a while, then you know exactly which combination of windows to open in order to get the greatest cross breezes going in your house. We learn how to play our houses like musicians. It’s an art.  Casement windows will let you take that art to the next level. You can make fine adjustments through the season to how those windows open. A casement can help you clear out a steamy bathroom fast and can help you delay turning on the AC If your neighbors live really close by, it can be tough to ventilate your home. The angled opening of a casement window can act like sails on a sailboat, catching and funneling fresh air into your home. They’re a great choice for urban areas, or any high density living. 

You’ll enjoy unobstructed views

A double hung window cuts your view into lots of different squares. If that bugs you, then a casement window is a good option.  For parts of your home where you’d like to look out on the yard, but don’t want a picture window that won’t open, casement windows are a good middle path.   Think of the windows next to your breakfast table. Imagine waking up and sitting down to breakfast. You wind open the casement windows just a bit. The breeze gives you a sense of the day, and you can gaze out on your yard. 

What’s the next move? 

Are you a casement window enthusiast by now? A few of these windows thoughtfully placed through the house are a smart upgrade.  If you have a few windows in your house that you use to hold AC units, those wouldn’t be good candidates for a casement window upgrade.  While there are some companies out there that make AC units for this type of window — sash windows are easier for AC unit installation.   Also, if you have curious kids running around on the second floor, sash windows are a little safer. They’re less likely to push through the screens, and a double hung window that can open from the top may be the way to go. Casement Windows offer brilliant benefits, but no matter which way you go, a window upgrade is a smart idea. And while there are many options out there when you’re upgrading your windows, the experts at Window Nation are the best equipped to walk you through the process.

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