Are Your Windows Keeping You Warm This Fall?

Fall weather is finally here. The beautiful sunny days, and the cool nights are a welcomed temperature change. The kids are going back to school, harvest festivals and football games are all the rage. The last thing on anyone’s mind is their windows. Leaky windows can be a cold way to start your fall and winter. Having air tight and energy efficient windows can help keep your home warmer this fall and winter.

The smell of the fall air is wonderful. We all stop and breathe in deep cleansing breaths of the crisp, autumn air. This crisp, cool air is so nice. Especially when it stays outside. Keeping it there is the job of your windows. Older, non-insulated windows can be allowing cold air into your home. And you know that if cold air is coming in around your windows, than warm air is going out. This will certainly increase your home heating expense. If you are sitting near your windows and you can literally feel the cold air moving around them, coming into your house, you should consider replacing your windows.

Upgrading your existing windows to new vinyl windows will stop unwanted air exchange. Old wood windows can crack and warp over time, making them fail and become an in-efficient expense. If your windows weren’t originally installed correctly, this can also cause them to feel cold, and leak air. Traditionally, windows were made with single pane glass. This was and is not a very durable barrier between your home and the outside. Sometimes, people would purchase a separate ‘storm sash’ to place over their single pane windows in the colder months. This was another added expense, as well as a storing issue.

New, vinyl replacement windows can solve all these issues with old windows and more. Today’s vinyl replacement windows are made to fit your existing opening. This makes for a perfect fit. Advancements in the construction of windows make them a league above the old wooden, single pane windows of yesteryear. Some of these improvements are:

  • Double and triple pane insulated glass
  • Glass coating options
  • More secure locks and locking mechanisms
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Tilt wash systems

And because they are made from vinyl your window maintenance is almost non-existent. No more sanding, scraping or painting your windows!

The average home spends over 40% of their annual energy budget on heating and cooling. That is a huge chunk of money out of your pocket. We should do all we can to lessen that percentage. Keeping your home warm in the cold weather and cool in the warm weather is directly related to the performance of your windows. If you think that your windows need to be replaced, then it’s time to call the window experts at Window Nation.

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