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When you start thinking about replacing your windows, make sure you think through all of the glass options. Your new windows will be 87% glass. So it stands to reason that choosing the right glass is just as important as choosing the right frame. At Window Nation, we make things simple. We've already done the hard part of choosing the best glass options. All you have to do is pick the ideal glass options for your specific needs.


The first option you'll want to consider is whether or not to go with double pane or triple pane. Double pane windows come with one area of dense gas. Triple pane comes with two. The more dense gas you have separating the interior of your home from the temperature outside, the better. But each of these window types has their advantages. If cost is important to you, double pane glass will be the better choice. It stands to reason that two panes won't cost as much as three panes. If you live in a state that has a basic climate, this could be the perfect choice. If keeping the cold winters out of your home is most important to you, triple pane is the way to go. While you'll pay more for those windows, you'll make that money back in savings on your energy bills.


If safety is a concern for you, lamination is an important option to consider. Laminated glass will prevent the glass of the windows from turning into several sharp pieces when broken. Homes with children in them should seriously consider this glass options.


When glass companies talk about glass coatings, you're likely to hear the term Low-E. But what exactly is Low-E? It stands for Low Emissivity. If you're still scratching your head, we understand. This is science stuff. Emissivity is basically the ability of an object to radiate heat. In the case of windows, that radiation of heat happens on the opposite side from where the heat is coming from. If the heat source is the sun, low emissivity is going to be a low radiation of heat into your home. Okay. The science lesson is over. But hopefully, you get the point. Low-E is good. And a window that provides better resistance to radiated heat is better than one that lets the heat come right in. Modern windows come with a metallic coating that reflects heat back to its source. The more precious the metal is the more heat will be reflected off the glass. The best metallic coating would be platinum. But a platinum coating is very expensive. Most of our competitors use tin. But we feel that this is not the most cost effective choice. Just like platinum, it is too far to the extreme. Instead, we use silver. This metallic material does a fantastic job of reducing emissivity for a price that won't put you in the poor house. Metallic coatings have another benefit besides keeping the heat from the sun out, they help to reflect harmful ultraviolet light as well. Our coatings can block as much as 99.97% of this harmful ultraviolet light. Why do we say harmful? UV light makes your furniture fade. Have you heard the term sun-faded? Part of the damage the sun does is through the effect of UV light. The other part is the drying effect of heat. Low-E coating on your windows will help to keep both of these out of your climate-controlled home.


Between each pane of glass we use argon and krypton gasses. These gasses are denser than air and reduce convection. That means the temperature of the outside air is less able to get into your house. While krypton gas is slightly better, you can't go wrong with either of these options.


You'll also find spacers between each pane of glass. These hold those panes in place. But the fact that these spacers can allow heat to transfer through is often overlooked. Most companies use aluminum or steel spacers, which are conductive materials. We prefer to use spacers that are made from a non-conductive material that achieves a higher level of energy efficiency, retains gas longer, won't sweat, is flexible, and won't rust. If you're ready for a window replacement, and you want some help walking through these options, we're happy to help. At Window Nation, we know windows. Reach out to us for immediate assistance.

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