Casement vs Double-Hung Windows: A Full Comparison

There’s so much more to replacement windows than standard single pane windows. Many window companies offer unique window styles that give your home a much-needed upgrade. Before choosing your replacement windows, be sure to research all the options available to you. Double hung windows are a safe choice for homeowners looking to keep a classic look. However, if you’re looking non-traditional windows, consider replacement casement windows. Each window will transform your home; however, which is best for you? Our replacement window experts explain the difference:

What is a Casement Window?

Casement windows are airtight sealed windows that open outwards using a crank instead of sliding up and down. These windows not only provide great ventilation but also seal on all four sides to create an airtight seal and keep drafts out helping reduce your energy bills. Casement windows which are also known as crank windows can be installed in your sitting room, sunroom, kitchen, or bathroom. There are many benefits to Casement Windows that help homeowners add character to their home like their unique shape. You might consider a casement window when replacing a window that you need to reach, like a window over your kitchen sink. These windows can also be easily incorporated into a bay or bow window.Click Here to Visit our Casement Window Product Page

Benefits of Casement Windows

Looking to boost your home’s energy efficiency? Look no further than replacement casement windows. If you are unfamiliar with what a casement window is, a huge benefit to these windows is its airtight seal on all four sides. This virtually eliminates all drafts, unlike the double hung window. Casement windows from Window Nation are equipped with premium energy efficiency features to keep your energy bills low no matter your climate. If your existing windows let air into your home, you’ll likely see a decrease in utility costs by upgrading.

What Is A Double Hung Window?

While casement windows open outwards using a crank, double hung windows also known as double-sash windows move up and down within a frame. These windows are one of the most common replacement window styles. They are easy to operate and clean.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows in DC
Double hung windows are our most popular window style for a reason. They are:
  • Low maintenance
  • Stylish
  • Easy to operate
Double hung windows from Window Nation are the perfect fit for your home. They can be customized with a variety of colors and materials to help you create the windows of your dreams. Because these windows require little maintenance, they’ll look brand-new for years to come.

Comparing Window Styles

Aesthetic: Casement windows and double hung windows will both give your home a major curb appeal boost. Each window is available in wood and vinyl styles that can be customized with a variety of colors and add-ons. If you’re looking for a more traditional look, you might choose double hung windows; however, casement windows are best for homes with a contemporary design. Maintenance: Both replacement window styles require minimal maintenance. To clean casement windows, simply crank the window open and clean the window’s interior and exterior. Modern double hung windows simply tilt in for easy cleaning. Durability: Double hung windows have the edge over casements. Because casement windows open outwards, they’re more exposed to the elements and can degrade faster than double hung windows. Because double hung windows are secure in a frame, these windows are typically more durable than casement windows. If you live in a wet climate, you might consider choosing double hungs. Energy Efficiency: If energy efficiency is your priority, consider choosing casement windows. These windows seal on all four sides, creating an airtight seal that virtually eliminates drafts. However, you won’t be sacrificing energy efficiency when you choose double hung windows. Replacement windows from Window Nation are measured down to the millimeter to guarantee an airtight seal no matter the style you choose.

Interested in Casement or Double-Hung Windows?

When you’re ready to start your home improvement project, schedule an estimate with one of our exterior design consultants. Our team will discuss your project with you and go over your options so you can find the best windows for your home. You’ll then receive a quote good for up to six months. Schedule your in-home estimate today at

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