Don’t Forget, Energy Tax Credits Are Back!

If you’re planning to purchase replacement windows soon, or already have in the past year, you may be eligible for a tax credit when filing this year. As the dreaded tax day deadline approaches, now is the time to make sure you’re getting every credit you deserve. At Window Nation, we’re proud to offer replacement windows that will not only lower energy costs, but may also help you qualify for the new, 2013 energy tax credit.

For details on the energy tax credit, including eligibility, please click here.

In addition to getting a break in taxes, there are many other benefits to having replacement windows in your home. Our energy-efficient products will leave you feeling good about your purchase for many reasons, including:

No more hot and cold spots in your home. Replacement windows will keep the heat (or air conditioning) INSIDE, and keep your home comfortable. Older windows cause a great deal of heat and air conditioning loss, causing your home’s temperature to fluctuate.Nobody enjoys five trips to the thermostat in one night, trying to keep the place warm.

Saving money on utility bills. Generally speaking, it takes fuel to heat the home, and electricity to cool the home, so no matter what the temperature is outside, your home requires energy resources to stay comfortable inside. If your windows are literally letting the heat or cool air slip outside, then you’re paying more money to keep your home at a desired temperature. Energy-efficient windows keep your expensive heating and cool air inside, meaning you’re using less energy resources and paying less to keep the home comfortable, year-round.

Adding value to your home. Replacement windows don’t only increase your home’s energy efficiency, they also increase its value! So whether you’re trying to sell your home,or just keep it looking beautiful, you can count on your new windows to help aesthetically, and monetarily.

So, don’t stress over taxes or old windows! There are energy credits to be had. If you’ve had the windows in your home replaced since January 2012, make sure to ask your tax professional if you’re eligible for the new energy tax credit. If you’re in need of replacementwindows, be sure to visit, then set up a free, in-home estimate by calling into our office. Now is one of the best times to consider replacing your windows.

At Window Nation, we’re ready to help you add value and efficiency to your home. To learn more about replacement windows in Cleveland or throughout our large service area that extends from Ohio to the Carolinas, make sure to contact Window Nation today.


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