The 4 Most Popular Kitchen Window Styles for 2022

Kitchen remodels are undeniably high stakes. And when you’ve been scouring Pinterest for months searching for dreamy kitchen renovation inspiration, it can be nearly impossible to settle on just one design. You may have chosen the perfect stain for your cabinets months ago, but there’s one renovation choice that will make all the difference to the way your kitchen looks and feels.

We’re (of course) talking about your windows.

Windows in any room have an enormous influence on the lighting, openness, and general feel of a space. But kitchens are unique—and their windows need to be both functional and beautiful. So before you make your final decision, let’s explore the most popular kitchen window styles, and why they are uniquely suited to the culinary heart of your home.


Garden Style Awning

Garden windows are a classic in the kitchen for a reason. This style of window juts out past the walls of your home, creating a little mini-greenhouse for small plants. In a charming little box made of glass, you’ll have plenty of space to grow fresh herbs or flowers while providing them (and you) more sunlight than you would normally be able to.

Even for those without a green thumb, garden-style windows are both beautiful and functional. Installed behind the sink, they create extra space to display knick-knacks or decorative pottery. And since awning windows hinge open at the top of the frame and swing outward, they create easy ventilation in the kitchen in the unlikely event somebody burns dinner. 

This is a style that is lovely for kitchens, and it works wonderfully with traditional homes.


Slider Windows

Slider windows function as double-hung windows turned on their sides, so if you’re looking for ease of opening, these take the cake. They’re especially handy when you have one hand covered in cookie dough and want to let in some fresh air! 

Slider windows allow you to maximize the view from your kitchen—whether that’s out into a green backyard or overlooking a city vista. These windows provide uninterrupted landscapes, unimpeded by muntin bars. 

If you have a window opening that’s wider than it is tall, slider windows are natural contenders. Plus, they work well with all different styles of architecture—especially more modern looks.


Casement Windows

For an open look with even more ventilation, you may consider opting for casement windows. Casements are perennially popular in the kitchen because they are easy to open and close, even in tight or awkward spaces (like above the kitchen sink). 

Casement windows allow you to enjoy that wide view of the backyard, but instead of requiring brute force to open and close, they use a small crank. Your glass will open into the backyard at an angle, allowing you to funnel fresh breezes quickly into the kitchen. These are a sleek, timeless, beautiful option for your new kitchen. 


Double Hung Windows

Ah, the classics. Double-hung windows are one of the most popular windows on the market. Chances are, you already have this style in other rooms in your home. You can open a double-hung window from either the bottom or the top. Traditionally, they feature a white checkerboard of panes of glass on both the bottom and the top, but you can play around with the panes or the sash material. 

These popular windows are nearly fool-proof. If you have them throughout your home, they may tie the whole space together.  However, if your new kitchen features deep counters, these might not be right for you. Double-hung windows need two hands to open, and can be a challenge to maneuver when reaching across your sink, especially if you keep your windows locked at the center. 

If you want to picture these options in more detail, head on over to Window Nation’s Home Improvement Visualizer. You can upload pictures of your kitchen and get an idea for how each window style will work. When you’ve made up your mind, request a free quote from Window Nation to turn your dream kitchen into reality.

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