The Dangers of Builder-Grade Windows

If you have a new home, you’re most likely not thinking about home window replacement companies. Why would you? It’s a brand-new home, and the quality of the products should be good. However, many times contractors choose the cheapest option possible to keep the cost of the project low. The issue isn’t just limited to windows: your home most likely has builder-grade flooring, countertops, cabinets, and even appliances. While builder-grade appliances might be serviceable for a few years, they aren’t a long-term solution, especially if you have builder-grade windows. We recommend replacing your contractor-grade windows even if they’re just a few years old they might seem fine now, but they could be costing you in the long run. Our window replacement experts are here to explain why you need to be aware of the dangers of low-quality windows:

What are Builder-Grade Windows?

Builder-grade windows, also called new construction windows or contractor-grade windows, are the most basic, no-frills windows on the market. These windows are typically white vinyl single hung windows that are made with low-quality materials to keep costs to a minimum. Builder grade windows are typically mass-produced and sold in bulk to developers looking to use the cheapest option available. They can also be found at big box home improvement stores, like Home Depot or Lowes.

Dangers of Builder-Grade Windows

While builder grade windows might look fine from a curb appeal standpoint, they do little to make your home more energy efficient. Contractor-grade windows lack the premium energy efficiency features that come standard on modern replacement windows, like double pane and triple pane glass. As a result, most windows fail to meet Energy Star standards, unlike the energy efficient windows from Window Nation and window contractors. After a few years, you might notice higher energy bills, or even issues like drafts or condensation between the panes of glass. Most builder-grade windows also offer little to no protection from intense UV rays that can be harmful to your home. You might notice the temperature of your home increasing during the summer, causing your HVAC system to work harder to cool your home. Over the years, you might even notice your furniture and paint fade because of the intense sunlight. By upgrading your existing windows to replacement windows, you’ll keep your home – and your furniture – protected.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

We understand it’s not ideal to replace the windows in your home shortly after you move in; however, replacement windows offer energy efficiency benefits that will last for years to come. Replacement windows from Window Nation are Energy Star certified, built with premium energy efficiency features to keep your energy bills low no matter the season. If you’re looking to boost your home’s energy efficiency on a budget, consider replacing your windows with double pane glass. These windows have two panes of Low-E coated glass, offering premium energy efficiency at a wallet-friendly price. However, for maximum energy efficiency, we recommend replacing your windows with triple pane glass. Triple pane windows have three panes of energy efficient glass, keeping your home comfortable and well-insulated. No matter the style you choose, your windows will have a Low-E glass coating to reflect sunlight and heat off your windows to keep your home cool and comfortable. Replacement windows from Window Nation are also custom-made, available in over 1,500 style and color combinations to give your home a curb appeal boost. We offer double hung windows, bays, bows, and even specialty windows to give your home a makeover.

Need New Windows?

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