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What to Look for in a Window Installation Company

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Date: 07.29.2017

Replacement windows can deliver real and lasting value to your home, and it all starts with choosing an installer. If you select someone who isn't qualified to do the work, your windows won't perform well or last. Learn what to consider when choosing a replacement window installation company so you can be confident you are making the right choice.

Learn all about Window Nation’s window installation process and keep reading to find out how to evaluate other window installation companies.


While a general contractor may be able to install replacement windows in your home, he isn't a professional window installer. If you're committing to replacing your windows, don't you want to hire someone who installs windows every day rather than someone who does it just sometimes?

Narrow your area of focus to companies that exclusively focus on window installation to avoid hiring someone who doesn't have the right skills.

Experience with Window Replacement

After you've ruled out those "do it all" companies to focus on window professionals, find out how experienced they are.

A service provider who's been around for 15 years has exponentially more experience than someone who's been in the business for 5 years.

From making targeted recommendations based on climate or budget to getting the fit just right, extra experience means a fast installation of the right window, done so the windows perform as promised.

Window Installation Training

New innovations are changing window specs and performance constantly. Is the service provider you're considering keeping up with those changes and able to recommend the latest products? Ask about what training service technicians receive to gain confidence in the company you choose.


Here at Window Nation, 1 in every 4 job calls is to replace a replacement window that was improperly installed by some other company or wasn't a good fit for the home.

We don't think it's right that a consumer should have to pay twice to protect their home with replacement windows. That's why we take the time to talk with you about your needs and budget, recommend the right windows, and ensure they're installed properly.

Site Preparation and Clean-up

If you don't ask about this, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise when you realize the window installation company left your home a mess or trampled on your garden bed during installation.

A reputable installer should want to protect your property and respect your wishes. Ask how they'll protect the work site, what they'll do with the old windows, and how they'll clean up after.

Positive References

Always take the time to check references when you hire a window installation company. Ask about the quality and professionalism of the company to make sure you're hiring someone you can trust to do a good job.

Clear and Comprehensive Bid

By screening using the above criteria, you can narrow down your options to a handful of trusted providers who have demonstrated experience, positive references, and windows you like. The final step in choosing a window installation company is to obtain bids, also called estimates or quotes.

Review all bids for completeness and conciseness, not simple cost. What does the bid cover? Is anything left out? Are there any hidden fees, such as disposal fees? If there's something you don't understand, have them explain it to you.

Ready to Choose Your  Window Installation Company?

At Window Nation, our crew leaders average over 20,000 windows installed, and have 16 years of experience installing replacement windows. The rest of the team is just as experienced - our dedicated installers average over 15 years of experience specifically in window installation.  We've built a reputation for trust and service excellence, and that’s why 99.5% of the 80,000 windows we installed last year require no follow up service. To learn more about working with us, or get a quote for window installation, please contact us today.

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