Where Can I Buy Replacement Windows?

Winter is here and you just can’t seem to keep the cold drafts or condensation away. You’re thinking of weighing your options by using a window replacement company, but you start out by checking home improvement supply companies instead. Here are three hardware companies that can get the job done:


Did you know that Lowe’s has project specialists who can assist you with consultation? They go through the sale process much like us: schedule an online consultation, have a project specialist go over your options, and then time for install! One of the cons is a much shorter warranty–we offer a lifetime warranty at Window Nation while Lowe’s guarantees a 1-year minimum. Options are available for longer warranties, but they might cost you more.

Home Depot:

79% of Home Depot customers recommend their window and installation services. It doesn’t beat our 97% customer satisfaction rate, but it’s a resource available if you’re still uncertain about a professional window installation company. In comparison to Lowe’s, they offer a lifetime craftmanship warranty and double-lifetime warranties on window hardware and screens. Worried about price? Home Depot offers their own consumer credit card and “The Home Depot Project Loan.”


They stand by their “Satisfaction Guarantee” policy, which includes limited labor and product warranties and Sears also provide estimates over the phone. Virtual estimates can be convenient with a busy schedule, but sizing windows that you can’t physically see is tricky. At Window Nation, we rely on face to face estimates to provide the most window accurate measurements and suggestions for each customer. Sears will ask you to measure the windows and provide them with the estimate, but with us you just need an open ear to our recommendations.

Hardware stores are a fair option to replace your windows. However, if you want stronger warranty offers, less worry on measuring, and overall guaranteed window experts, Window Nation is here for you.

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