6 Reasons to Choose a Vinyl Sliding Window

Until you get into a window replacement project, you may not have even noticed quite how many different types of windows are out there. 

Most houses feature many different types of windows. There are bay windows that say hello to the neighborhood, basement windows that reach up for light, and double hung windows letting in the breeze when you sleep at night. 

It can be really tempting to just swap out your current windows for the same type, but you have an opportunity here to rethink how your windows work for you. 

If there are openings in your home that are wider than they are tall, then you have the perfect spot for a vinyl sliding window — windows that open horizontally on a track, with one fixed pane and one or two panes that slide open. 

They’re definitely worth considering. Here’s why:

You’ll get fresh air fast.

Opening a window is one of those magic tricks that just makes the house feel cleaner and cheerier. Sliding vinyl windows tend to be wider, so they open wider, allowing you to clear the air fast.

They’re a great choice for spaces that get steamy or musty (like bathrooms and laundry rooms). 

Imagine it: the next time you burn toast in the kitchen, just slide that window open, and no one will be the wiser. 

They feature great energy efficiency.

Admit it: you’ve been keeping your eye on the return on investment calculation all through this window project. Increasing your energy efficiency is a huge perk when you undertake a project this big. Sliding windows seal up tight and help prevent energy leakage. 

The ROI for this window replacement project just gets better and better with a sliding vinyl window. In the words of dads everywhere, “We’re not paying to heat the outside!”

Opening and closing these windows is a piece of cake.

If there’s a spot in your home where the windows are hard to reach — like over a bathtub or across a counter — think about installing a sliding window. These windows are a simple one-handed task to open, which is something to consider if you have any mobility concerns.  

For home security, they are a big win.

Sliding glass windows may be easy to open from the inside, but they’re nearly impossible to pry open from the outside. These windows feature heavy duty locks and seals that will give you peace of mind as a homeowner. There’s no jimmying these windows open with a crowbar. 

Maintenance needs are practically nonexistent.

Sliding windows feature a simple track and roller system to open. The spring and pulley system in other types of windows can wear out over time. 

If you keep the tracks clean on your slider (and give them a little lubricant every once in a while), you’ll have a low maintenance window that will last a good long time.  

When the material surrounding your window is vinyl, it’s an extra bonus! You’ll have a window that’s much less vulnerable to elements and easy to keep clean. 

They’re just so pretty! 

It’s a bit nerve-wracking when you take on the task of home window replacement. Picking a style of window that works with your home is tough. If you stray too far from they style your architecture designed, it can just look… weird. 

The good news with sliding glass windows is that they work with many different architectural styles. 

 They let in a lot of light, and a big bright room just feels larger. If you have a big window in your living room or dining room that doesn’t open, a sliding glass window can connect you with the outside, and not chop up your view. 

Give your home an upgrade.

Sliding glass windows feature a lot of function and a lot of beauty. If you’ve been thinking of these windows solely as the design choice of drive-through burger joints, think again. They combine efficiency, function, and gorgeous style. 

Window Nation can help you strategize the best spots in your home to install sliding windows. Contact us today to learn more about our installation services!

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