We Take Green Seriously

Have you ever experienced smog? It isn’t pleasant, is it? But, for many people, it is just part of living in the city. On some days, it is even necessary for news agencies to put out a smog alert. At a moderate level of 51-100, people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution are advised to consider reducing prolonged or heavy exertion. At a high level of 101-150, it is suggested the people with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children should cut back or reschedule strenuous activities. Does this sound like a good thing? We don’t think so. Carbon footprint aside, CO2 emissions from automobiles are a serious problem in the United States. Here’s a little factoid for you. If each of the 70 million windows–in 3.5 million households–were to install ENERGY STAR qualified windows instead of non-qualified windows, the total annual savings would be 73.5 million therms per year and 1.36 kWh/year, or 3 billion pounds of CO2. The lifetime savings would be an amazing 60 billion pounds of CO2. That is equivalent to removing more than 5.2 million cars from the road for one year. Selling ENERGY STAR qualified windows is just one way the team here at Window Nation works to safeguard our environment and protect our world.

Have you ever been in a power outage? In some areas of the country power outages aren’t an accident, they are scheduled events. For most of us, it isn’t a big deal because we just make the best of it by lighting some candles and spending a little quality time away from the electronics. However, a power outage can be a significant problem for people who require electricity to live or function. Electricity is a resource that comes from other resources. In order to create that electricity, many plants have to burn fossil fuels which increase our dependency on other countries that provide those fuels to us, but you probably already know these facts. Here is something you may not know. If every household in the U.S. replaced their existing double-pane windows with the windows we sell here at Window Nation, the annual savings would be 45.5 billion kWh/year. That is enough to light every household in Washington DC for 94 years. That wasn’t a typo. We’re talking years.

At Window Nation, we’re serious about being green. We’ve passed the years where we were “going green” and are now learning what it means to “be green.” It means recycling as much of the vinyl we use as possible and passing the savings on to you. It means making more energy efficient windows, and passing the savings on to you. It means installing windows in your home that won’t have to be replaced for a very long time. Being green means reducing our company’s impact on our world, and passing the savings on to you. The way we look at it that is a win-win. If you think so too, get plugged in today.

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