All I Want For Christmas Are New Windows!

Forget about two front teeth. Forget about partridges and pear trees, and dreaming of a winter wonderland. Windows are what’s on everyone’s list this Christmas! Replacing your old windows with new vinyl replacement windows are truly the gift that keeps on giving for many years to come. Here are some of the major benefits of getting your Christmas wish of new windows to come true!

Energy Efficiency. In a typical home, 40% of the annual energy budget is spent on heating and cooling. How well your windows are performing has a huge impact on this budget number. Windows that have worn or missing weather stripping are letting in a lot of outside air. Or, if your windows are wood, than they may be warped, causing them to be a different shape than the opening that they are in. This too allows a lot of airflow. If your windows are damaged or rotting, this is another culprit for permitting unwanted air exchange. New vinyl replacement windows will keep more of your inside air where it belongs; inside your home, and the outside air where it belongs, outside! This will lower the dollars that you spend heating and cooling your home.

Color options. Windows are no longer just white, tan or wood color. They come in such a large array of different colors that there is most certainly one that will appeal to you. Here at Window Nation, our windows come in these different color categories:

  • Foil Laminates (exterior)
  • Vinyl interior and exterior colors (15+)
  • Woodgrain colors (interior)
  • Wood Colors (exterior)
  • Duracast colors for fiberglass exterior

Some of our windows even come with an option for your own custom colors. We know that the style of your home is yours to choose and display. The color of the interior and exterior of your home plays a huge role in this style.

Safety and Security. New vinyl replacement windows have secure locking features with locking mechanisms that help to eliminate unwanted outside access. You can now rest assured that no one is gaining easy access to your home via your windows. Your family’s safety and security is our window’s foremost job.

Although finding new vinyl replacement windows wrapped under your tree may seem far off, it isn’t impossible to receive this wonderful gift. Call the professionals at Window Nation today to start your journey towards getting the gift for your home that will benefit it for many years to come.

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