Holiday Home Improvement Trends

Did you do a Zoom holiday last year? We’ve all probably had the experience of walking around the house, balancing a laptop in one hand while looking for decent lighting and an interesting backdrop. When holiday parties moved online, all you had to do was slide that stack of papers under the table and move the mugs out of camera view. You could rock a fancy shirt on top with sweatpants hiding underneath. It was party-planning for the digital age! This year, however, many of us are re-opening our homes and starting to host again — and our guests are going to see everything. So dust off those extra placemats, because holiday home improvement trends this year are all about welcoming loved ones back to our homes. Let’s spruce the place up and deck the halls!

Get ready for company

That guest room did yeoman’s work last year. It became the home office, the schoolroom, and the meditation retreat. You can bring it back to its former function, or give it a stylish upgrade and make your guests feel extra welcome. Swap out your old college futon for a brass daybed that has the look of a deep cozy sofa. Repeat that trendy brass look with some adjustable brass reading sconces to get the lighting right. When the guests leave, your updated space becomes the perfect spot to curl up with a book and take a long winter nap. We’re seeing designers using dark moody colors and wallpapers this year. Panetone’s just named “Very Peri” its 2022 Color of the Year. Pick up hints of this deep purple in patterned wallpaper, or go bold and paint the whole room. If you got handy with the jigsaw during last year’s DIY craze, you may want to consider a wall installation. The shiplap trend is still going strong, but big statement walls with wainscotting or paneling are starting to gain prominence. Some guest rooms are going so far as to mimic executive hotel suites. Your (cleaned-off!) desk can have a little coffee station on a tray and a mini-fridge nearby. The upside of this upgrade? In the middle of the night, you won’t have to encounter guests digging around the kitchen looking for snacks.

Make room for the Christmas Tree

Living rooms see lots of action this time of year. Before you set up your Christmas tree, take a good look at your flooring. Pull up that old carpeting already, and install some hardwood. Sweeping pine needles is a lot easier than vacuuming! Hardwood floors never go out of style and are a great long-term investment. If you hopped on the bandwagon and got a dog last year, you’ll understand firsthand why installing hardwoods is a home upgrade that pays for itself. The holidays are a perfect time to upgrade your television as well. In December it seems that every store runs a special on TVs. Consider a television that mimics the appearance of a piece of art— perhaps one you can cleverly integrate into a gallery picture wall. Sure, you marathon-binged a few weeks of your life away last year, but that can be our little secret.

Take it Outside

We all got really good at entertaining outdoors in 2021, and that trend isn’t going away any time soon. Learning how to have fun year-round in our backyards was an epiphany. If you walked into this trend piecemeal, it’s time to commit. Don’t just get a warmer jacket and a camping heater. Call a stonemason and have them build you a proper fire ring. You’ll make great memories with the kids this winter toasting ‘smores and singing carols around the fire. In the summer, you’ll get just as much mileage out of that fire ring when you roast hot dogs and set up your tents for a backyard camp-out.

Let the light in

The shorter days and longer nights take their toll on folks with Seasonal Affective Disorder this time of year, but there’s something you can do about it. We’re seeing lots of homeowners investigating ways to maximize their lighting. You can look at installing full-spectrum light bulbs in your existing fixtures or picking up a specialized sunlight therapy lamp. Most importantly, it may be time to upgrade your home’s windows. Consider enlarging your windows to really let the light in. Large picture-frame installations, like Bay and Bow windows, can make a huge difference in lighting your public spaces — plus they’ll improve your view. Home Window replacement has one of the highest returns on investment of any home improvement project out there. It’s a great present to give yourself. Schedule a free estimate today, and Window Nation can help you visualize what new windows can do for your home.

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