Should I Replace or Remodel my Home for a Higher Return?

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen improvements in the cost-value ratio for home improvement projects. This ratio compares the cost of home improvement projects to the value they add to your home. The higher the ratio, the more money you will recoup in the selling price of the home. This year, the overall cost-value ratio has reached 60.6%, which is a pretty big improvement from the past few years, during which the overall ratio was only 57.7%. We’re excited to discuss this, because it quantifies the value of home improvement projects and replacement projects (such as replacement windows and replacement doors) and shows homeowners that updating their homes will pay off in the end.

A growing trend that’s remained constant throughout the years is the higher value of exterior replacement projects compared to more discretionary projects. Homeowners can see that the better value is in sustainable improvements that will have long-term benefits, like energy efficiency, for example. One thing that’s for sure, energy efficient replacement windows are a great way to save money long-term in utility bills and also reduce the amount of resources used, such as fuel.

At Window Nation, our replacement windows are all designed to create a more comfortable home that remains warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer… all for less money. Our windows are designed with the highest quality materials and technology to keep the home sealed off from the outside elements. You will experience a more even temperature throughout the home and no longer will your heating and cooling dollars literally slip out the window.

Another component of the 2013 Cost vs. Value Report that we would like to point out is that home replacement projects yield a higher cost-value ratio than home remodeling projects. And as we enter the spring season and home improvement projects really get under way, now’s a great time to consider which replacement projects will be the best value for your home and budget.

If you would like to learn more about replacement windows in Baltimore, Maryland; the D.C. Metro; Lorton, Virginia; Charlotte; Cleveland, and throughout our entire service area, please contact Window Nation today. And remember, in addition to a higher cost-value ratio, energy tax credits are back!

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