Tips For A Successful Memorial Day Party

There is nothing like a great time with family and friends on a holiday weekend. However, to have a fun and host a successful party will require a plan. Begin early by planning your menu well ahead of time. Figure out the list of ingredients needed for your meal and make your purchases early. Don’t hesitate to research your recipes, especially if you have never prepared a particular dish.

Plan early and prepare ahead of time; marinate meat, chop vegetables and cut all that needs to be cut. Check your propane tank or have an extra bag of charcoal for the BBQ grill, making sure you have plenty for all day cooking. Place your grill in a safe location and yet easily accessible. Friends love to stand around close to the grill and enjoy the aroma of a great BBQ. Be sure the grill is freshly cleaned and free of any ash or burned food from any previous grilling.

Remember that it is easy to overcook meat on the grill. This causes steaks to be dry and tough. Apply barbecue sauce about 15-20 minutes prior to time to remove the meat. This will help keep it moist and very tasty. Have plenty of snacks on hand. Greet your guests with a smile and lead them to the snack table. Cold drinks and snacks will always put people at ease and makes them happy.

Above all else, determine to have fun. Don’t let the outdoor cooking be an arduous task. Make it a fun day for everyone, including yourself. While Window Nation enjoys a fun BBQ and family time, our real specialty is window installation, entry doors and siding. Whether you are in need of a new front entry door or energy efficient replacement windows for the entire house, Window Nation is ready to assist. We offer replacement window installations, vinyl siding and doors in NJ, DEPA as well as our current service area including VA, MD and OH.

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